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There’s the growing concern that AI automation, particularly generative AI technologies like ChatGPT, has the potential to disproportionately impact women in the workforce. Research indicates that approximately 79% of working women in the United States could be in jobs susceptible to disruption and automation, raising questions about the implications of AI on gender disparities in employment.
A groundbreaking milestone has been reached in the world of sustainable food production. The world first 3D-printed vegan salmon fillets make their debut in Austrian supermarkets on September 14.

The 3D-printed salmon is marketed under the name THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon and pioneered by food tech-startup Revo Foods. This innovative product not only marks the first appearance of 3D-printed vegan seafood but also represents the inaugural instance of a 3D-printed product gracing supermarket shelves
Adobe’s Firefly generative AI tools have now reached widespread availability, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of AI-powered features.

Photoshop’s Generative Fill tool, driven by Firefly technology, has exited the beta phase. Adobe is also unveiling an innovative bonus program aimed at rewarding its stock contributors for their contributions in training AI models.
In today’s interconnected world, mastering a second language has become a valuable skill. Language learning apps have risen to meet this demand, with each offering a unique approach to language acquisition. From immersive experiences to AI-driven lessons, this article explores the top language learning apps that harness technology to empower learners on their multilingual journeys.