Odrzime.rs – A New Web Platform Dedicated to Sustainable Business and ESG Principles Promotion

A new web platform titled "Održime.rs" designed for both corporate audiences and the general public was launched today with the aim of promoting sustainable business practices and supporting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting principles within the Serbian corporate community. This innovative portal will become a central hub for those interested in learning about positive business examples that uphold sustainable principles.

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Izvor: Odzime.rs

“Održime.rs” will deliver the latest news and analyses from the world of sustainable business, exploring topics such as environmental protection, corporate social responsibility, and effective corporate management. The platform will also pay special attention to mobility and a sustainable energy future, offering readers a deeper understanding of key issues and innovations in these areas.

One of the key features of the “Održime.rs” portal is its ability to connect companies, investors, and the broader public. The portal will provide access to data on sustainability and ESG reporting of Serbian companies, aiding investors in making informed decisions and assisting companies in enhancing their efforts in the realm of sustainable business.

Furthermore, “Održime.rs” will regularly investigate and promote examples of business excellence, highlighting companies that stand out through their innovative approaches and dedication to sustainable development. This aspect of the portal will inspire and motivate other companies to take steps toward a more sustainable future.

The founders of “Održime.rs” emphasize their motivation to provide quality information and resources to support the transition to more sustainable business practices in Serbia. The portal will also enable users to actively engage by sharing their ideas, projects, and sustainability initiatives.

Given the growing interest in sustainable business and ESG reporting, “Održime.rs” promises to become an invaluable source of information for those who wish to be part of a sustainable business future. Visit this new web portal and join the conversation about sustainability and the future of business in Serbia.