Top 10 Personal Finance Apps in 2023 for iPhone and Android

In the era of digital banking and investment, managing personal finances has become more accessible and efficient than ever. With a multitude of applications available for both iPhone and Android users, tracking your finances, budgeting, and investing can be done at your fingertips. This article explores the best personal finance apps of 2023, each offering unique features tailored to your financial needs.

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Illustration: Lenka T.

1.     YNAB (You Need a Budget)

YNAB stands out with its envelope budgeting system, requiring each dollar to be assigned to a specific category. It helps you take control of your finances with tools for tracking income, expenses, and savings, and offers tutorials to understand the nuances of budgeting.

Type: Premium

Price: $11.99 monthly or $84 annually

YNAB uses a budgeting system and offers training for financial management.

2.     BusyKid

Designed for educating children about budgeting and money management, BusyKid features chore charts, allowance setups, and the BusyKid Visa Kids Debit Card for simple transactions. It’s an ideal tool for parents to educate their children about financial responsibility.

Type: Premium

Price: $3.99 monthly or $38.99 annually

This application is intended for educating children about finances.

3.     Copilot

Copilot provides insights into spending habits by connecting to your bank and credit card accounts, offering a comprehensive overview of your finances. It’s a versatile tool for better financial decision-making.

Type: Premium

Price: $9.99 monthly

Copilot offers insights into consumer spending habits.

4.     Empower Personal Dashboard

Empower Personal Dashboard offers a free, comprehensive overview of your financial status. It includes a retirement snapshot and analytics on investment fees, making it a powerful tool for financial management.

Type: Free

Empower provides a comprehensive overview of the financial situation.

5.     EveryDollar

Based on the principles of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, EveryDollar helps you create effective budgets. The free version comes with ads, but a paid subscription offers more features like ad removal and category customization.

Type: Free with premium option

Premium Price: $129.99 annually

Based on Dave Ramsey’s principles, EveryDollar is a budgeting application.

6.     Goodbudget

Focused on the envelope budgeting system, Goodbudget is user-friendly and ideal for tracking expenses. While it may not be as comprehensive as other apps, its simplicity is a significant advantage.

Type: Free with premium option

Premium Price: $7 monthly or $60 annually

This application uses the envelope system for budgeting.

7.     Honeydue

Honeydue is designed for couples, offering features for tracking expenses, creating budgets, and facilitating transparent financial conversations between partners.

Type: Free

Honeydue is designed for couples to manage shared finances.

8.     Monarch

Monarch uses zero-based budgeting for individuals and couples. It offers customizable tools and a collaboration feature, useful for sharing content with a partner or financial advisor.

Type: Premium

Price: $9.99 monthly or $89.99 annually

Monarch offers zero-based budgeting and collaboration tools.

9.     PocketGuard

PocketGuard stands out for its security features, protecting your information in case you lose your phone. It also predicts future income and expenses based on past spending.

Type: Free with premium option

Premium Price: $7.99 monthly or $79.99 annually

PocketGuard stands out for its security features and predicting future expenses.

10.  Mint

Mint is known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features such as automatic categorization of transactions, personalized budgets, and credit score tracking. Despite some downsides, such as occasional login issues, it remains a top choice for financial management.

Type: Free

Mint is a popular app for managing finances with tools for tracking spending and credit scores.

Each of these apps offers unique features that help in effectively managing your finances. Whether you want to budget, save, invest, or simply better understand your financial situation, these apps provide a range of solutions that will meet your needs.