Top 5 Best Mobile Games to play in March 2023

We all carry them in our pockets or bags, and they’re capable of rendering amazing graphics, undertaking thousand and thousands of calculations, and capturing various moments that are dear to us. Of course, we’re talking about mobile phones, or better yet, smartphones, devices that have captured our imagination and attention that we can’t seem to break free of. But why would you want to anyway?

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best mobile games 2023

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Mobile phones are today the most accessible gaming console out there. With new games coming out almost daily, there is always something to play. Whether it’s a quick deathmatch with your friends while you’re waiting for a bus or immersive RPGs that will eat away days and months, mobile has it all. If you’re looking for something new to add to your games collection on your mobile phone, look no further than the five best mobile games to play in March 2023. Let’s dig in! 

Street Fighter Duel    

Street Fighter franchise as an RPG! Why not. The game is quite data-heavy, with 1.8 GB in size, so make sure you have enough free space before you start your download and your Wi-Fi on. Anyway, developer A Plus Japan is trying its hand at switching the franchise from a traditional fighting game into an RPG-fighting hybrid. You will be able to recruit your favorite fighters from the franchise and fight to defeat the nefarious Shadaloo organization. 

The main game mechanics revolve around 3v3 team battles, where you will have to tap charged skills as they become available. During your gameplay, you will unlock a fourth character slot, but that one will serve as a backup if one of your main ones faints. Strategic elements come into play with the supplementary positions, called assist fighters, that will enhance your fighter’s skills and strengths. Moreover, you will have to combine your team to create combos, if you blindly select fighters, you will not get pretty far.  

For self-reliant gamers, the news that there is no auto-assemble option will be a boon, while others may see that as an issue. On the other hand, the game offers numerous game modes to keep you glued to your phone. There is also a multiplayer component with VS Arena, where you can fight other players in real-time and rank up. Give this one a go if you’re a fan of gacha-style RPG games.    

Call of Dragons 

If you’re a fan of Kingdom Builder games, then you will love Call of Dragons. Darkness is threatening to take over the world, as it usually does. You will have to develop your city, train your forces and heroes and lead your faction to victory against the dark forces. The main World Map is massive in size, with 3.88 million square kilometers of 3D map, making the world immense and full of tasks and events.  

As you command and build your city, you will be tasked to join with other commanders in massive battles that now have an aerial component. Speaking of battles, the game features a roster of fantasy-themed heroes that take part in massive battles rendered with amazing graphics.  

Furthermore, the lore in the game is rich, and your actions will affect the world around you. With the stamina system implemented, you will be able to spend more time in this world as the game is more “free-to-play friendly” compared to other free-to-play titles. If you love massive battles with magical creatures, then give Call of Dragons a try in March.  

Ultimate Sackboy 

PlayStation’s quirky Sackboy hits mobile phones to bring fans a classic runner game. The game has been created by Exient and licensed under Sony. The gameplay mechanics pit you into shorter runs where you will try to collect as many bubbles (of differing colors) as you can to tally up a greater score. You will receive a loot bag containing various goodies if you score high enough to take the top position on the leaderboards.  

The gameplay itself is fun and relaxing, with controls pretty much in line with other runner games (think Subway Surfers and Temple Run), which is great for both veterans and newbies alike. You will be able to swipe sideways to move between three possible lanes, swipe up to jump, down to slide and perform last-second dodges.   

You will be performing your acrobatics across procedurally generated levels (using premade chunks), which doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to pick up patterns of obstacles and become better over time, so don’t worry too much.  

Customization is the selling point of the game, as there are a lot of items to unlock for either customizing your Sackboy or applying new designs to levels. With the “power level” feature, the developers introduced a fun way of making progression worth chasing. So, to enjoy the game to the max, treat it as you would other free-to-play titles, don’t spend too much money, and you’ll still have a great time playing it.  


A post-apocalyptical world with floods! Though not a novel approach to the topic, it’s certainly one that is not often explored. Enter, Highwater, developed by Demagog Studio, represents a 3D RPG adventure exploring a world flooded by water. The gameplay revolves around sections of driving around in a boat and then sections where you explore the bits of land that are remaining. The goal of exploration is to collect as many items, weapons, and information that will prepare you for the battles that lie ahead.  

You play as Nikos, a teenager scavenging on his own, but part of a community that is trying to escape the flooded Earth. While the topic doesn’t sound relaxing, the developers managed to make the game a tranquil experience, especially when you’re traveling by boat. Nice tunes, and natural commentary create a nice atmosphere and draw you into the story. Battles break up this tranquility, but the combination of the two is almost perfect.  

The RPG elements are not as complex as in other games but do hold their own, with each move you make having strategic importance. If we had to choose one game for March, our money would be on Highwater.  

Pickle Pete 

In this 2D survival affair, you play as a mutated pickle that can wield numerous weapons and take out his enemies. His enemies are hoards of mutated monsters and undead rising from the earth. Pete will have to move constantly as he grows more powerful with each level and pickup, similar to the popular Vampire Survivor on PC.    

The art style resembles the good old flash games but has a modern twist, with the animation of Pete’s ever-increasing number of arms and enemies being a thing of beauty. Levels tend to get bland after a while, but the number of enemies will increase exponentially as you progress, leaving you little time to worry about your surroundings.  

All in all, it’s a fun little game that works well on mobile; you can fire it up, chop up some monsters quickly and be on your way.  


There you have it, folks! Are your favorite ones on the list? If not, then give these suggestions a try; we are certain you will enjoy all five of them. If you don’t have enough time, go for Highwater, it will keep you entertained the longest, offering tranquil and exciting moments at the same time.  

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