What Advice Would Marketing Experts Give You in 2023?

Ten marketing experts sat down to give business advice regarding LinkedIn Company Pages, internal communication strategy, eCommerce SEO, Google Ads, and much more.
These discussions took place at Business Talks Network WebCON23, on the very first day of the conference, March 27. In case you missed it, we’ve selected some of the most interesting discussion points to up your marketing game in 2023.

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Why should you use LinkedIn Company Pages? 

According to Michelle J Raymond who is a Business LinkedIn Trainer, if you want to grow your business in 2023, you need to pay attention to LinkedIn Pages. 

“Now, 2023 is going to be a challenging year so you’d want to take every single advantage that you can get. LinkedIn hasn’t given us a lot of features, but that has changed in the last couple of years. LinkedIn is the #1 B2B platform for marketers, but one of the first things that people ask me is – why would we bother with Company Pages? And I agree, it doesn’t give you as much of a reach as your personal profile does, but that just means you must use them differently,” Michelle pointed out. 


Community is going to be the buzzword of 2023. It’s where growth comes from.

In other words, there are things that Company Page can offer you that a personal profile can’t, and vice versa. The best advice is, according to Michelle, to get the best of both worlds. 

She shared seven tips: 

  1. Discovery – If somebody searches your company on Google, your LinkedIn Company Page will show in the top half of the search results. You get to leverage off of LinkedIn because they’re a trusted platform. 
  2. First Impressions – If the person clicks on the link from search results, you could either offer them a red carpet or a “Sorry, we’re closed” sign. It could cause a seed of doubt, about whether you’re a real company and why you don’t have followers. 
  3. B2B Community – Community is going to be the buzzword of 2023, which is the complete opposite of what businesses perceive as followers. Community is made up of your employees, customers/end users, industry bodies, suppliers, and related services. And you can gather all of them around your Company Page. 
  4. Power Page Setup – If you pay attention to this, there’s a reward for the effort. You actually get 11x more clicks if your Page setup is 100% complete, and that’s information directly from LinkedIn. That’s not a number that you can ignore. 
  5. Keep It Simple – Don’t create extra showcases if you don’t have the resources to manage the double up or the triple up of the work. Keep it simple, focus on the Company Page, there’s no need to play clever. 
  6. Content Plan for Pages – Pitch your Company Page as your “Greatest Hits Library”. It’s a selection of the best of the best. That’s the kind of content you should publish there. 
  7. Subscribers – Start a Company Page Newsletter, but not until you’ve got around 1,000 subscribers. You can get that in around 4-5 months with the Invite Credits, and people can receive them even outside the LinkedIn inbox. 
  8. Community Builder – Community is where growth comes from. There are two ways to boost it: LinkedIn Lives and LinkedIn Audio Events. You can use it for consultation one on one, and you can build it almost like a TV show. 

As a way to prevent not popping out on your subscriber’s feed, there’s even an option for your subscribers to click on the bell icon on your Company Page and get notified whenever you post something. 

In a nutshell, her advice is that you mustn’t ignore Company Pages. You want to take the opportunity to leave a good impression on your potential customers and employees, and you will stand out from the competition. 

Internal communication as the fifth element of successful companies 

Tijana Bejatović spoke about the importance of internal communications as one of the recent trends in the marketing industry, whose primary purpose is for employees to understand the purpose in what they do. 

“If we don’t know where we’re going in life, we’ll wander and make mistakes. I believe that communication can change our lives, both personal and professional. Communication affects how we feel, what we think, but also what we do. If we work on communicating with employees, we can really affect their performance and their productivity,” Tijana explained. 

As she pointed out, internal communications have a role in aligning employees with what is the mission and vision of the company, but it also represents the opportunity to give employees a voice. 

“Often internal communicators are seen as some trade unionists within the company fighting for the rights of employees, but the most important thing is to create dialogue and open communication so that employees can say what they think, complain, give initiative for promotion, and so on,” she added. 

The speaker also shared some of the most important statistics on the topic, for example: 

  • 72% of employees feel that important information isn’t shared with them. 
  • 91% of employees feel that their leaders do not communicate effectively and lack communication skills. 
  • 44% of employees believe that the delay in projects and tasks completed is due to inefficient communication within the team. 
  • Each employee spends 1.8 hours a day looking for the information they need to do their job.

She noticed that internal communications have become a hot topic since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Companies suddenly realized that they needed tools to communicate with all employees about where they were, what they were doing, whether they would work from home, and so on. That’s when companies realized how important internal communications are and increasingly began to engage in employee wellbeing, with the aim of making employees more resilient to the changes that are taking place,” says Tijana. 

In the end, employees who have a positive experience with the employer will be happy to share it with acquaintances and friends, and therefore organically spread a positive image of your company. 

How to level up your marketing, referrals and confidence? 

A strategic marketer Zineb Layachi posed a question on how to sound different than everyone else and how to stand out from the competition. 

“When you try and explain to people what it is that you do, a solid amount of them won’t understand it. There’s usually a huge gap between what you said you built and what you actually built. So, how do we close that gap when we talk about what we do and how do we deliver it in a way that makes sense to people?” 


In business, never take a compliment and shut up. Outside of business, you can do whatever you want. In business, this is a great learning opportunity.

On that note, she also made a reference to Seth Godin who said that he doesn’t pay attention to one-star reviews because they’re just saying something isn’t built for that customer, nor to five-star reviews because they won’t tell you how to make your work better. 

“A way that I use to get quality reviews is to send a yearly check to everyone who’s on my mailing list. The three questions I ask are: What would you reach out to me for?, What types of people can most benefit from my service?, If you were to recommend me to someone, what would you say?,” and she encouraged business owners to do the same. 

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