Interview with Zoran Vasiljev – Partner & President (Americas & APAC) at Vega IT

As almost 20% of Vega IT’s revenue comes from the US, its decision to go global and open an office in New York is the first step toward forging new partnerships and delivering exceptional service to clients worldwide. This strategic move showcases Vega IT’s commitment to growth and innovation, and at a time when global economic turmoil raises concerns, the company’s expansion also offers a glimpse of hope.

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Zoran Vasiljev

Source: Vega IT

Zoran Vasiljev, one of the most inspiring visionaries in the tech and business world, is a serial entrepreneur, founder, mentor, and one of the newest additions to the Vega IT team. His understanding of the global markets has pushed him to the forefront of the industry, so it’s no surprise that he’s now joining forces with one of the biggest IT giants in the Balkans. In an interview with the WebMind portal, Zoran discusses Vega IT’s expansion and plans to conquer the global markets. 

A New Chapter

  • What motivated you the most to accept your current position at Vega IT company?

As the fastest-growing tech company in Serbia, Vega IT was always on my radar as an attractive and interesting company. Having had the opportunity to interact with the founders and the CEO, I realized that my experience and capabilities could be a great match for the global ambitions the company has set for itself. Once the opportunity to be part of the team was presented to me, I had no hesitation to take on the new challenge and become a member of this winning team.

  • What challenges does the new position bring to you?

We are in a very competitive sector of professional services and digital product development, and the biggest challenge will be to quickly establish a differentiated value proposition so that we can continue our growth trajectory and deliver on our ambitious plans. Although challenging, I find that also extremely motivating because I am convinced that we can deliver exceptional results, look back at those challenges, and feel good about our achievements.

  • What changes do you plan to introduce now that you have become part of the Vega IT team?

I don’t think that I will focus on making any changes, but more on adding value through my experience, my professional network, strategic thinking and helping other colleagues reach their full potential on the international scale.

Vega IT’s Expansion

  • How will you utilize the New York office to elevate the global presence and growth of the company?

Our NY office is just the first step in the process of executing our international growth strategy. Soon we will announce a few additional locations, where we know that our physical presence will make a difference to our existing clients, as well as stimulate significant growth potential from new business relationships. We will proactively engage in the verticals where we have the domain knowledge and ensure that Vega IT is the partner of choice to many companies we engage with.

  • What are your expectations from the New York office in terms of revenue growth, market share, and acquiring clients in the upcoming years?

We have great expectations from our presence in the US and our initial office in NY. Our goal is to grow the team here over the next 12-24 months to at least 15-20 staff, get closer to all our clients in North America, and significantly increase the revenue contribution from this market. If we now contribute around 20% to the overall holding, we should aim to increase that contribution to at least 40%-45%.  Ambitus, but achievable!

Vega IT

Source: Vega IT

  • How do you plan to attract a new client base?

We continually work on promoting our success stories and the difference we are making to our existing clients, and I believe that will continue to be one of our strategies to attract and develop new clients. Also with our physical presence on the ground we will spend a significant amount of time networking and developing new relationships in the verticals where our services can make a difference and we will bring innovative thinking in order to position ourselves as partner-of-choice for clients requiring cutting-edge digital products.

  • How will you measure the success and impact of the New York office? Which key indicators will you be tracking?

Client’s success is our success. Our priority is to ensure and measure the success our clients will have by using our services and by partnering with Vega IT. With that our client base will increase, our brand will be more visible, and our people will be inspired by working for Vega IT. Those would be my most important KPIs.

  • You recently opened offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. Are there any plans for expansion into the Asia-Pacific markets?

We have truly global aspirations, and APAC is the next logical step. It is a very particular and diverse market that requires special attention. We are gearing up to ensure we have the right set-up in Asia in order to meet the market expectations. Once we have that in place, we will be ready to launch and deliver exceptional results. Exciting times are ahead!

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