Samsung Electronics Teams up With NEXON to Deliver the World’s First HDR10+ GAMING Title

Samsung Electronics today announced the launch of the world’s first gaming title featuring the HDR10+ GAMING standard. The game is a result of Samsung’s partnership with NEXON, a video game publisher behind Dungeon & Fighter and MapleStory.

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Samsung and NEXON partnership

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Samsung’s Partnership with NEXON

Over the years, both NEXON and Samsung have shown their commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for gamers worldwide. By joining forces, these companies have a unique opportunity to provide a superior gaming experience and set a new industry standard for game developers and gaming equipment manufacturers.  

This partnership will give us a new HDR10+ game called “The First Descendant,” which will be unveiled to the public at Gamescom 2023, a video game trade fair held annually in Germany. That said, we can expect to learn more about the game in the following days, as this famous gaming fair is scheduled for August 23 – 27. This game will fully utilize the HDR10+ GAMING standard to introduce a new era of gaming that delivers the most responsive and frictionless experience.


We’re thrilled to join forces with NEXON, a true pioneer in video games, to introduce the world’s first HDR10+ GAMING title, ‘The First Descendant.’ … This is a gaming milestone that goes beyond mere technological advancement; it represents Samsung’s continued commitment to enhance the gaming experience as technology evolves.

Said Seokwoo Jason Yong, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

The First Descendant

Although the latest NEXON game will be revealed during Gamescom, the beta testing won’t begin until September 19. Gamers from all over the world, except for China, will be able to join the beta testing and take their gaming experience to the next level.

The First Descendant

Source: Samsung

HDR10+ GAMING standard brings richer colors and balanced brightness, allowing players to view all details within the game clearly, regardless of the lighting. HDR10+ will also lower latency, leading to a more streamlined gaming experience.

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