The Confluence of Knowledge: Are You Ready to Explore ETH Possibilities?

ETH Belgrade, the first blockchain conference in the Balkan region has just started. The conference, which is a part of Belgrade Blockchain Week, lasts from June 2 until June 4. Following this event, a two-day hackathon will take place from June 5 until June 7.

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Source: ETH Belgrade

Save the weekend for to expand your knowledge on blockchain – ETH Belgrade is calling. From June 2 until June 4, citizens and visitor of Belgrade have an unprecedented opportunity to listen to marvelous Web 3.0 minds. 

Three days, three stages, workshops, startap sessions, and about a hundred Web 3.0 experts are waiting for blockchain professionals and enthusiasts in mts Hall at 14, Dečanska Street, in Belgrade to selflessly share their vast knowledge. 

Day One 

The ETH Belgrade conference has started early in the morning – 9:25 AM – with the greeting and introductory talk from Petar Popović of ETH Belgrade. The very next to deliver a presentation was Bogdan Habić, CEO and co-founder of Tenderly. He seized this opportunity to remind visitors that blockchain is nowhere near the end – in fact, it has just started. 

The next to take the stage were Solange Gueiros and Andrej Rakić of Chainlink who discussed the importance of connecting smart contracts to the real world. Andrija Novaković of Geometry, the following speaker, talked about Zero Knowledge in 2023.  

The main stage spectators also heard presentations of Özgür Armanc Yiği from Ethereum Foundation, Nenad Palinkašević from DeFi Saver, and TokenBrice from Liquidity. Palinkašević talked about common pitfalls and exploits in the DeFi Space, whereas TokenBrice introduced stablecoins built for DeFi. 

day one

One-hour panel discussion was dedicated to NFTs and their use cases, after which Joshua Bate introduced DeSci. Day One of the ETH Belgrade conference ended with the presentation of Sebastian Rodriguez from Polygon, who talked about the marketplace of trusted credentials in Web 3.0. 

Besides the Main Stage, visitors could listen to the presentations delivered on the Builders and Community Stage. During startup sessions, startups could pitch themselves and speed-date with investors.  

Day Two 

Andy Tudhope of Kernel and Anna Alexa of Celo Foundation opened Day Two with their discussion on what blockchains are good for. Cathie So, Ethereum Foundation was next on the stage with her talk on the immediate next steps of ZKML.  

After the short break, Muhammed Tanrikulu, Ethereum Name Service introduced Web 3.0 profiles with ENS, after whom Marius Balaj and Vlad Temian of Sandbox talked about NFT collections at scale. NFTs were the topic of the following presentation delivered by Abena Asante of SheFi, DeFi Africa and Bankless Africa. She talked about what’s behind the hype of NFTs.  

day two

The afternoon panel saw three participants – Edi Sinovčić (Shard Labs), Cathie So (Ethereum Foundation) and Andrija Novaković (Geometry) – discussing Zero Knowledge. Definikola of DeFi Saver was next to present the latest developments in DeFi, after whom Vikas Pandey was next on the main stage to talk about interoperability.  

Day Two ended with the presentation delivered by Juan from MakerDAO who gave a presentation on directing DAOs with a focus on work. 

Day Three 

The third day started with talks about security. The first to open the day was Tomas Bayer, Ackee Blockchain Security who taught the visitors how to get the most out of smart contract audit. Sifis Lagouvardos of Dedabub followed up and deliver a talk about vulnerabilities in smart contracts and what can help us find them. 

Edi Sinovčić gave a presentation on the future vs. reality of ZKPs, while Sahil Sen of QuickNode explained how L2 are scaling Ethereum. Max Lomuscio, Connect, introduced crosschain apps as the next wave of innovation. Albert Chon, of Injective Labs talked about building the next generation of DeFi.  

Definikola, TokenBrice, Daria Shakhbazova, Primož Kordež took part in the panel discussion on navigating risks in DeFi in the last 12 months. The third and the final day of the Eth Belgrade conference ended with the talks from Stefan Šopić, Parity, and Vukašin Vukoje, Alt Labs, who discussed exploring shared security responsibilities and aligning incentives to enable decentralized storage, respectively.

eth belgrade

Why ETH Belgrade? 

Bogdan Habić, CTO and co-founder of Tenderly elaborated on the significance of conferences such as ETH Belgrade. 

“In the Ethereum ecosystem, conferences are a vital part of the entire culture. What’s specific here is that people from all around the world have been involved since the very beginning, and there have always been some focal points where people gathered.  

Conferences emerged as a way to, first and foremost, indoctrinate others about the usefulness of Web 3.0. Secondly, conferences and hackathons provided an ideal opportunity for acquaintances from all over the world to physically gather and learn something new. Many new companies have emerged from hackathons, with Tenderly being one of them.” 

To remind, starting from June 5 to June 7, participants can take part in ETH Belgrade Hackathon and seize a lush opportunity to win $22,000 in prizes.  

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