Zilliqa Web3 Gaming Console Is Revolutionizing the Web3 Gaming Industry

Zilliqa’s “Web3 Gaming and Beyond” paper demonstrates that most Web2 multiplayer games offer no clear earning opportunity to players. Imagine what would happen if an industry giant could change that by tapping into Web3 gaming.
While this news isn’t new, Zilliqa’s plan to launch new hardware is exciting for gaming and crypto enthusiasts. After all, this Web3 gaming console will have mining capabilities and let players earn ZIL tokens for in-game tasks.

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Zilliqa console

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Is Zilliqa the Future of Web3 Gaming?

Zilliqa was founded in 2017, and its founders are Amrit Kumar, Xinshu Dong, Yaoqi Jia, Prateek Saxena, and Max Kantelia. Its native token is ZIL, and this crypto is one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the crypto community, with a market of over400 million dollars.

Zil token

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Additionally, Zilliqa is a public blockchain designed to handle and tackle scalability issues in the blockchain community. It uses sharding technology to improve transaction processing and a consensus mechanism, which is a hybrid of proof-of-work and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance.

However, Zilliqa isn’t a blockchain company or a digital currency only. Its founders’ mission evolved over time, and they’ve managed to transform Zilliqa into a Web3 gaming company. Since then, the company has aggressively pursued the gaming community.

Not only that, but Zilliqa joined the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) in April 2022 with the mission of tapping into the Web3 gaming market.

“The collective objective of the BGA and its members is to tackle the fundamental challenge of bridging the gap between those who create great games and those who create great blockchains.” Chong Chung Puo wrote for the Zilliqa blog.

Zilliqa’s Achievements

Another vital detail is that Zilliqa’s gaming team developed the Unity SDK (software development kit), WEB3WAR (Zilliqa’s First-Person Shooter (FPS) game), and the gaming hub in 2022. These projects have opened new doors to web3 gaming, and we can expect more from this prosperous company in the future.

Web3 gaming

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Still, the recent Zilliqa hype revolves around its announcement of the upcoming Web3 gaming console. The hardware has already passed the stages of infancy, and we can expect to see it on shelves sometime in 2023.

Zilliqa Web3 Gaming Console Features

Zilliqa published specifications for its new Web3 gaming console in late September 2022. In a YouTube video, Matt Dyer, chief of staff, and Valentin Cobelea, head of gaming technology, introduced us to the Zilliqa Web3 gaming console prototype and explained in great detail what to expect after the release.

Zilliqa gaming console

Image of the Zilliqa gaming console. Source: Bob MJ via Twitter

In the video, Valentin Cobelea explains that the Zilliqa Web3 gaming console prototype features a fiber carbon exterior and all the connectivity a gamer may need. This includes:

  • A display port
  • HDMI 2.0
  • USB 2.3
  • USB 3.0 adapters
  • Ethernet
  • A headset jack

Additionally, the inside of the Zilliqa Web3 gaming console contains:

  • Intel I9 9th generation CPU
  • Nvidia GPU (1650 TI)
  • NVMe SSD
  • Double ddr4 RAM
  • WI-Fi and Bluetooth antenna

Of course, we’re talking about a prototypehere, so we can’t know for sure whether the final product comes with these features. However, based on the prototype specifications, it’s safe to conclude that the Zilliqa Web3 gaming console will be a powerful device for gamers and crypto miners alike.

Can Zilliqa Web3 Gaming Console Mine Cryptocurrency?

The Zilliqa Web3 gaming console is a groundbreaking piece of hardware designed for blockchain gaming. It will feature mining capabilities and exclusive access to Zilliqa games, as well as a gaming hub and a Web3 wallet.

Crypto wallet

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Powered by blockchain technology, the console will feature an in-built crypto miner, making it an ideal choice for crypto enthusiasts. Players can earn ZIL coins with this console by completing “skill-to-earn” missions and objectives or mine crypto between gaming sessions.

XBorg Will Allow Its Player Base Access to Games Built on Zilliqa

Swiss blockchain company Zilliqa has partnered with the XBorg Esports 3.0 organization to release games that are built on the Zilliqa blockchain. As part of the partnership, XBorg will allow its player base to test beta versions of the games and will help promote them. This partnership will enable XBorg to receive player feedback from a new distribution channel and accelerate the development of new games.

The two companies will also partner to organize tournaments and competitions for Zilliqa games and will boost promotional campaigns for the games. As both companies have significant networks of influencers and esports partners, they will be able to make the most of the gaming ecosystem with their unique partnerships.


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XBorg will also be a valuable scouting resource for esports teams. With its new partnership with Zilliqa, XBorg hopes to leverage blockchain data’s power to improve gaming quality and boost its players’ competitive edge. XBorg will also work with the Zilliqa ecosystem to expand its Gaming Digital Identity offerings.

Based on this information, it’s evident that Zilliqa and XBorg partnership has the potential to bring prosperity to the Web3 gaming industry. However, the success of the Zilliqa Web3 gaming console and games will depend on how well the users respond to these innovations. Still, one thing’s for sure– if the public responds well to the WEB3WAR and gaming console, we’re about to witness a Web3 gaming revolution.

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