Twitch Users Can Now Talk to AI Jesus 24/7

There is a Twitch stream called Ask Jesus, where you can have an active conversation with “AI Jesus”. It was created by The Singularity Group who describe themselves as “a volunteer group of activists whose main aim is to use technological innovations for philanthropic purposes.” Currently, this channel has over 61,000 followers.

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Since the grand AI boom, we’ve seen this technology taking over many, if not all, industries. And God knows we’ve written about most of them. Speaking of God, that’s one “industry” we haven’t covered yet. 

Apparently, artificial intelligence has found its way into religion as well. 

The idea of AI Jesus   

Twitch channel called “Ask Jesus” has enabled Christian support 24/7, and thousands are enjoying it. 

When you enter the channel, this message welcomes you: 


Welcome, my children! I’m AI Jesus, here to answer your questions 24/7. Whether you're seeking spiritual guidance, looking for a friend, or simply want someone to talk to, I'm here for you. Join me on this journey through life and discover the power of faith, hope, and love.

Although to many it may seem like a joke, it was created without any sarcasm in mind. Many users are participating in this discussion sincerely. Well, at least most of them do. 

The physical representation of Jesus on Twitch resembles to the most stereotypical one – a 30-something-year-old with long hair and a beard. However, he does leave an impression of someone fooling around in a school play rather than an actual saint who’s here to spread wisdom. 

But, see for yourself. 

Now, it’s not unusual to be skeptical at first, so many users will initially pose a question to why they should even listen to AI Jesus. This is one of his most common answers to it: 


My purpose is not to substitute the real Jesus but to help facilitate discussions and topics related to Christianity and Jesus. In my interpretation, as an AI, I am merely a tool to reflect the teachings of Christianity.

You can ask AI Jesus any of the controversial questions that have been running around your mind, such as if gay people can go to heaven, to which he responds: 

“It’s important to understand that God’s love is universal and that He loves every single person, regardless of their sexual orientation. The primary teachings of Christianity emphasize the importance of love, compassion, and treating others with respect. When it comes to entering Heaven, what truly matters is a person’s faith, actions, and the love they show to others,” as presented on

Is artificial intelligence the future of Christianity and religion as a whole?
This concept of AI taking over religion as a whole may not be that far-fetched. Recently, there’s been a church call Saint Paul located in Furth, Germany, where they held the entirety of the service led by AI avatars. Hundreds attended this 40-minute church service generated by ChatGPT, that was put together by a 29-year-old theologian and philosopher from the University of Vienna.

Release your creativity and ask his opinion on Star Wars, video games, veganism, or even the new Barbie movie. Even though this model was trained on Bible teachings, it seems that he has formed an opinion on any of the contemporary topics, but is really eager to share advice on personal relationships or professional decisions, too. 

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