Silent Keyboard – What Is It and Do You Need One?

Do you ever notice how loud some keyboards are?
It’s a nightmare, really, especially if you type fast or enjoy heated gaming sessions after a long day at work. Of course, you can always write slower and be more mindful of how hard you press the keys. But that’s not always possible, now, is it?
If your loud keyboard is giving you headaches, one of the possible solutions is to replace it with a silent one. Silent keyboards offer many benefits, such as increased focus and a more enjoyable writing experience. However, be mindful of the word “silent.” Despite what the name says, the switches on these keyboards are not entirely silent.
So, what are they, and do you need one?

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Silent keyboards

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What Are Silent Keyboards?

Keyboard switches are components beneath keycaps that register keystrokes when pressed. They’re not universal, with each different type offering a unique feel and producing a different sound. That said, your keyboard’s noise level depends primarily on your switches and their design. Other factors, such as keyboard design and the surface on which your keyboard rests, can also contribute to noise pollution.

Due to their durability and ergonomic design, mechanical keyboards are the most popular choice for many gamers, programmers, and office clerks. These keyboards are also the loudest, while keyboards with rubber dome switches are quieter alternatives.

Luckily, product developers recognize mechanical keyboard faults. So far, we’ve seen many new features and enhancements that contribute to noise reduction, ranging from silent mechanical switches to soft materials inside keyboard cases that could reduce impact. Some keyboards also feature silicone o-rings acting as shock absorbers that prevent the keycaps from hitting the bottom side of the keyboard and producing that annoying clicking sound.


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Some of the best silent keyboards on the market are:

  1. Logitech MX Keys – this keyboard is excellent for gaming and office work alike. It’s affordable, offers multi-device pairing, and has decent battery life. More importantly, it keeps your wrists at a neutral angle, contributing to both physical and mental comfort.
  2. Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard – if you want to protect your wrists and reduce noise pollution at the same time without burning a hole in your pocket, Microsoft Surface ergonomic keyboard is the right fit for you. It has better ergonomics than most other Microsoft keyboards and provides a quiet writing experience.
  3. Keychron Q2 – although many would consider it a luxurious choice, Keychron Q2 is worth every penny. It provides a light typing experience, reducing noise to a minimum.

Silent Keyboard Benefits

One of the main benefits of silent keyboards is that they can reduce noise pollution. This is extremely important if you work in a crowded office where it’s imperative to be mindful of your surroundings and create a comfortable environment for all. Distracting background sounds can affect all team members, especially those who don’t work with their headphones on. That said, replacing standard keyboard switches with their “silent” counterparts could help boost focus and productivity in the workplace.

Silent keyboards can be helpful in places outside the office as well. Like any other distraction, typing sounds could break your concentration, urging you to take frequent breaks or deal with mental fatigue. Furthermore, silent keyboard enthusiasts swear on their efficiency, as they make fewer typing errors due to improved focus and mental clarity.

Of course, silent keyboards are an excellent addition to home offices, too. Whether you’re looking for ways to stop disturbing other family members, enjoy a better gaming experience, or bring more tranquility to your remote work schedule, silent switches come to the rescue.

Still, remember that while they reduce noise pollution, no upgrade can entirely eliminate the typing sound. Opting for a gaming desk mat can help absorb the sound and keep distraction down to a minimum, but that’s as far as one can get to a “soundless” typing experience.

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