Top 5 AI Photo Editing Apps

It’s almost unimaginable today to post photos without at least minor adjustments, whether it be exposure, colors, or retouching. For sure, filters are an easy way to go, and sometimes you do need a shortcut, but just imagine how effective your photos could look if you approach them individually and learn how to use different apps to emphasize the represented features.

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Illustration: Lenka T.

In this article, we’ll present you with 5 worthy options, with different levels of complexity, depending on what your preferences are. 

Adobe Photoshop 

When it comes to photo editing, Adobe Photoshop is usually the first app that comes to mind. Even though it was primarily built for desktops, with its many sophisticated options, the mobile version offers a plethora of choices to finetune your photos and add a professional touch, even without a huge screen. 

Now, what AI enables you to do here, is to make the whole process faster and more intuitive. Sometimes you have a clear idea in your head what you want to do with the photo, but just don’t have the necessary skills at the moment to achieve it. Luckily, you can rely on AI tools within this app to guide you through. 

To just name a few, you can add objects to your photo by simply typing the prompts, change the background to whatever you can imagine, extend images (which comes particularly handy if you want to transform a vertical image to a horizontal one), remove and replace content, and more. 

The full list of AI tools includes: 

  • Remove Tool: Replace unwanted areas in your image with similar content by simply brushing over what you want to remove. 
  • Curvature Pen Tool: Draw straight lines and smooth curves intuitively, then easily modify them. 
  • Match Font: Find matches for fonts you love in your images or photos. 
  • Preserve Details 2.0: Resize images without introducing distortions to important details and textures. 
  • Sky Replacement: Change the sky in your image in a few clicks and Photoshop will automatically mask and blend the replacement. 
  • Object Selection tool and Refine Edge: Create precise selections and masks with ease. 
  • Neural Filters: Reduce larger workflows to just a few clicks with a library of filters powered by machine learning. 

According to Adobe, AI is inevitable when it comes to photo editing, so they are already prioritizing this technology. If you’re looking for a professional effect, maybe it will serve your best interest if you adopt these tools the sooner the better. 

Luminar AI 

Luminar AI presents itself as the first image editor fully powered by artificial intelligence. It provides even more advantages to those who’ve used Luminar NEO for Windows or MacOS because it allows you to automatically sync images from different devices. 

We’d say this is a better alternative to Adobe if you’re not that invested in learning about how editing works but are more focused on the results. As in, you don’t need to know how, you just need to have an idea of what you want. 

It’s definitely less complex than Adobe but it still provides plenty of AI options to boost your photos, such as: 

  • Photo Editing Automation – It automates the most common editing tasks and simplifies complex workflows.
  • Portrait Setting – Enhance natural beauty by using Iris AI to change eye color, adjust the colors of your skin and clothes, use Face AI to remove dark circles, whiten teeth, remove spots, etc. You can even retouch your body with Body AI integrated tool. 
  • Sky AI – Makes the sky look impressive in each photo and allows you to remove the background if you prefer it that way. 
  • Lifelike 3D Weather Effects – Create a magical mood by adding realistic atmospheric effects — fog, mist, haze, steam, drizzle — with Atmosphere AI. 
  • Smart Template Suggestions – Choose from dozens of Template collections for any photographic genre. 

And more. Give it a try and see for yourself if it fulfills your expectations from an AI photo editing app. 


Now, if you’re looking for a more creative AI tool that not only allows you to edit basic features but enables you to turn your photos into artwork – Prisma is the way to go. 

It’s more focused on turning plain photos into artistic visions of the author, depending on their creativity level and personal style. Still, it includes fundamental features like replacing the background, etc. 

In this app, you can find more than 500 filters and different styles, like a futuristic, noir movie, neon Tokyo, and more. 

Compared to other editing apps, this approach guarantees to stand out and express your creative side. It’s playful, easy to use, and brings your photos to another level. The best part is, AI enables it to be completely intuitive in fewer clicks, and it can even recreate the style of some of the most prominent painters, like Salvador Dali or Edvard Munch. 

In this list, we wanted to include a simple tool that solves one of the most common problems – especially for brands – which is the background. You probably know by now that a good product or a good outfit is nothing if the background isn’t flattering. 

Sometimes, most of your shooting time is wasted on finding the right background that doesn’t take away the attention from what should be in the focus but is still effective and provides depth. isn’t a complicated app that will take you days to figure out. On the contrary, it allows you to replace the background in basically one click, whether it be a preexisting background that you chose or the one you designed and customized specifically for this photo. 

From our point of view, this is the most useful app for brands. Even if you weren’t using a tool to boost the background of your photos until now, try this app and you’ll see how much it will upgrade your content. 


This app is somewhat similar to Canva in the sense that it’s mostly used as a design tool. As a matter of fact, they often refer to themselves as a Canva alternative that “makes design efficient for businesses.” 

Apart from being a customizable design platform, Glorify has many advanced photo editing options that use artificial intelligence.  

Since February 2023, they have been offering AI options for sharpening, enhancing, face cutouts, background blur, repairing old photos, and more. 

In fact, they have a page dedicated to user feature requests. Here you can see what else they have planned, or what they’re considering introducing in the future. 

Moreover, you can engage in discussions with other users to brainstorm together what would be the best solution. You can leave comments or upvote someone else’s idea. So, if you’re looking for a community-oriented photo editing app that would take your suggestions into consideration, Glorify may be the right option for you.