From Dream to Reality: The Extraordinary 3D-Printed Lamborghini Aventador SV

Your fantasy to purchase a Lamborghini Aventador without spending a fortune may come true much sooner than you think. It may not be a genuine Lamborghini, though, but it genuinely resembles one.

A father and a son from Colorado, USA, managed to build a 1:1 scale replica of Lamborghini Aventador SV and fulfilled their lifelong dream.

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3d printed lamborghini aventador sv

Illustration: Lenka T.

For the past few years, a father and son from the Colorado State have devoted their time and skills to an ambitious endeavor.  The talented duo embarked on a venture of 3D printing and constructing a faithful replica of the iconic Lamborghini Aventador SV.  

They started their unusual project approximately five years ago, and their unwavering dedication has propelled them to achieve remarkable milestones. Their commitment and craftsmanship have been so awe-inspiring that Lamborghini generously contributed genuine parts to support their ambitious undertaking. 

3D-printed car parts 

Sterling Backus, the father and leader of this extraordinary venture, explained that their entire undertaking has been meticulously crafted from scratch. There was no pre-existing frame, engine, or any other components whatsoever. He even had no knowledge of 3D printing before. He acquired the skills necessary to bring his and his son’s dream to life by watching YouTube tutorials.  

It took a lot of patience and a 3D printer ordered from Amazon for the duo to embark on their mission. As Backus stated, their 3D printer was printing almost incessantly for a year and a quarter. The printer was not meant for large projects, so the duo was forced to print and assemble the car piece by piece.   

“We would make small pieces, about a foot cubed, and then take all of the pieces and join them together in a single panel. We didn’t want to just use 3D prints because we live in Colorado, and it gets hot here, so having it exposed in the sun is not good or structurally sound,” Backus explained.  

The generous gift 

To construct a robust and long-lasting structure, Backus incorporated carbon fiber into specific components, bolstering their durability. He also skillfully engineered a custom metal frame to accommodate all the meticulously crafted 3D-printed parts.  

The whole construction journey presented its fair share of hurdles. However, Backus discovered that building the scissor doors proved to be the most formidable challenge. Luckily, he managed to create doors that not only showcased an impressive aesthetic but also functioned flawlessly.  

During this arduous journey, word of Backus’s endeavor reached the ears of Lamborghini and captured their attention. Impressed by the remarkable progress Backus made in his project, Lamborghini was compelled to show their support.  

The company generously donated genuine parts from an actual Lamborghini Aventador. Among the notable contributions were the authentic headlights, each valued at approximately $5,000. Besides the headlights, the company donated the steering wheel as well. Such a donation not only demonstrated Lamborghini’s recognition of Backus’s dedication but also served as a testament to the authenticity and quality of his replica. 

Almost ready for the show 

Backus procured an engine salvaged from a 2005 Corvette he discovered at a junkyard and skillfully reconstructed it to fit his project requirements. With this crucial milestone accomplished, Backus has now set his sights on meticulously preparing the car’s panels for the painting phase.  

Before the 3D-printed Lamborghini Aventador is finally completed, a few adjustments to the car’s mechanical and electrical components need to be made. When all the work is done, Backus plans to unveil his masterpiece at the Bandimere Speedway show due in August.  

"Ever tried. Ever failed. Never mind. Try again. Fail better."