White Mirror NFTs: Are AI Movies the New Genre?

White Mirror is a community of filmmakers, creatives, and movie fans looking to develop the next generation of AI films. Their project will result in a pioneer AI feature film. But even more than that, they will offer an alternative to traditional film funding and offer new, more efficient practices and approaches to today’s audience.

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white mirror nfts

Illustration: Milica Mijajlovic

What is a White Mirror?  

When was the last time you saw a mindblowing new movie? Or how often does it happen? 

Whether you know it or not, filmmakers worldwide have been so frustrated with the way film funding works and believed that this process actually kills the initial idea and creative spark. Director Wim Wenders even wrote a book about it. 

Nowadays it’s especially difficult, considering that not many people go to cinemas and the short format is the dominant content that the audience consumes. 

So, rather than living with this frustration and growing into a bitter person, a group of ten award-winning creators decided to suggest an alternative. 

This meant embracing the newest technologies and groundbreaking trends, such as NFTs, DAOs, blockchain, and, of course, artificial intelligence. 

As a matter of fact, they believe that AI movies are the new genre of filmmaking


Imagination is a strange thing. It’s limitless. It allows you to travel worlds. Every little thought just became an adventure.

Source: White Mirror Trailer 

White Mirror is supported by a few prominent names in the Web 3 industry, such as CHAPTR, a venture studio of new media businesses, as well as the Culture DAO, which is a guild of AI engineers, AR/VR creators, storytellers, animators, game designers, and more. 

How would AI movies work? 

The whole idea of this project is to create a pioneer AI feature film. 

As the creators pointed out on the official website, there are three key features in the initial idea: 

  1. AI technology – White Mirror creators get access to the latest AI technology and computational power from Google Cloud, Midjourney, OpenAI, and more. 
  2. Audiovisual experiences – It is an anthology about “man and machine”, where each creator works on a reimagined public IP story. 
  3. Community – Members can purchase a season pass and join the creative process by giving early feedback, voting on ideas and discussing with the creators. 

We combine generative AI and community creativity to build a new era of movie creation. We are on a mission to challenge the boundaries of AI-powered storytelling.

Source: White Mirror Website 

Individuals who join this community will get the opportunity to witness the whole process, along with educational and networking opportunities, and be featured in the outro of the film that is created. On top of that, they are supporting the new era of AI filmmaking and its endless possibilities. 

You can also see a complete list of creators, their backgrounds, portfolios and prior collaborations to make sure you are supporting the people you believe in. Spoiler alert: They have worked on films such as “V for Vendetta”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix”, and collaborated with brands like Nike, Reebok, Vogue, and more. 

On the other hand, if you want to learn about existing AI movies and watch some of them, we recommend platforms such as AI-Movies Club or Runway AI Film Festival

White Mirror Contest 

To generally access the White Mirror Community, you need to create a Discord account. The community itself is comprised of ten sub-communities called “Collectives”, each led by the Collective Leader. 

Why are these collectives important? 

Because each of them is competing against the other. 

So, what we didn’t mention so far is that a community competition will be held, where members and artists can cocreate the world’s first AI-generated anthology film through open collaboration. Each creator has a budget of $10,000 and access to the cutting-edge tools of OpenAI and Midjourney. 

In other words, each collective will be working on generating AI art and therefore participating in the White Mirror contest. The challenge will last for six weeks and the one who creates the best digital artwork, wins. 

It’s also possible to enter more than one collective, but that means you will have to purchase a season pass for each collective you wish to enter. 

The theme of the first season will be the human-machine collaboration in general, with one of the examples being the reinterpretation of the classics like Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. 

The judge panel for the contest will be formed by CHAPTR, with all four judges having expertise in fields like content creation, storytelling or technology. 

Now that you know all the details, if you wish to participate in the contest and become a part of a collective, you will need to purchase a season pass. It’s an NFT created on the Ethereum blockchain, and the cost of an individual pass is 0.0035 ETH. 

The NFT collection will start on April 13, and will be open until April 19. Although it’s an open-ended collection, there are special perks and benefits only for the first 99 to mint. Afterwards there is an open sale of regular passes. 

And finally, if you’re just curious about the AI movies revolution but are not yet ready to dive in deeper, the White Mirror team is hosting online educational events every now and then, such as how to use prompts on Midjourney. 

The sessions are recorded, which means they are available for watching on demand. Make sure to subscribe to their Discord channel to get notified about future events. 

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