Walmart Metaverse: Is This Retailer Joining a Virtual Reality World?

If you’re trying to find new virtual worlds to emerge into, the news about Walmart’s expansion into the metaverse is about to make your day. Believe it or not, this retail giant has been planning for a while to deliver a virtual world full of games, music, and even merch, all for youngsters to enjoy.

Now that the Walmart metaverse is here, let’s see what it offers.

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Walmart metaverse

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Another important detail is that Walmart doesn’t intend to charge access to its virtual universe. Instead, Walmart Metaverse is entirely free until further notice, allowing everyone who wants to join to become a part of this new social community.  

Is Walmart Entering the Metaverse? 

The good news is that Walmart has partnered with Roblox and launched not one but two virtual experiences available on the Roblox platform, also known as Walmart metaverse. These experiences were named Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play, each delivering a unique experience to its visitors.  

According to CNBC, Walmart had been preparing for the potential collaboration with Roblox since the beginning of 2022. It took almost a year to finalize plans and strategies before introducing the new online platform to its customers.  

Joining the metaverse is one of Walmart’s best decisions in recent years. Roblox is a prominent platform with over 52.2 million daily active users worldwide. Joining forces with such a powerful brand will only aid Walmart in finding the best way to cater to its customers. 

Walmart Land

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“Roblox is one of the fastest growing and largest platforms in the metaverse, and we know our customers are spending loads of time there,” Walmart US chief marketing officer William White said. 

He then added that Walmart is focused on “creating new and innovative experiences that excite them (customers), something we’re (Walmart) already doing in the communities where they live, and now, the virtual worlds where they play.” 

Is Roblox a Metaverse? 

Roblox is a virtual world and is often considered the metaverse leader. Similarly to the Walmart metaverse, Roblox was created to bring communities closer together and provide an immersive experience to all its players.  

Roblox is undoubtedly one of the largest and most famous virtual worlds. It regularly introduces users to new features and expands the range of available activities. Namely, Roblox users can watch games or concerts, go shopping or simply hang out with their friends during the game. Such is the beauty of a well-developed Roblox metaverse.  

Why Did Walmart Make a Roblox Game? 

As stated earlier, the Walmart metaverse consists of two virtual reality experiences– Walmart Land and Universe of Play. Although they’re both parts of the Walmart metaverse, these virtual realities differ in many ways.  

For example, “Walmart Land will bring the best fashion, style, beauty, and entertainment items directly to the global Roblox community,” Walmart’s website says. On the other hand, Walmart’s Universe of Play is “the ultimate virtual toy destination in Roblox.” 

Walmart Land

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Walmart is trying to become part of the growing metaverse by launching these new Roblox experiences. Both new experiences on the Walmart metaverse allow players to shop for virtual goods and engage with famous brands. In addition to various products, both virtual realities will also feature challenges that can help players earn coins. 

According to William White, Walmart’s Chief Marketing Officer, the Roblox worlds are a test bed for entering the metaverse. To bring this project to life, the company filed several trademark applications related to metaverses, NFTs, and cryptocurrency. Ultimately, the company may be able to profit from metaverse projects and NFTs if the right strategy is implemented. 

CNBC suggests that Walmart is trying to utilize the power of NFTs and tie its new worlds to digital tokens with real value. So, although the Walmart metaverse was an investment, it will all pay off in the future if Walmart manages to create an NFT collection and sell it within the Walmart metaverse.  

As an additional incentive, Walmart hopes to attract Gen Z users to its Walmart metaverse. It will offer a virtual store where users can earn coins and badges to purchase virtual goods.  

Roblox Game

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Walmart explains that the game will also feature a DJ booth, an interactive piano walkway, and a virtual dressing room. In addition, users can purchase clothing and accessories from popular brands, including Madison Beer and Halsey’s Makeup. 

But why is that important? 

  • Web 3.0: As a famous brand enters the metaverse, it contributes to the normalization of Web 3.0 technologies 
  • Marketing: Walmart is creating a new trend that will undoubtedly increase brand awareness. Additionally, Walmart Metaverse may expand Walmart’s customer base 
  • Community: Building an online community improves a brand’s chances of standing out from competitors with a better customer experience 
  • Sales strategy: As the Walmart metaverse becomes more popular, this retailer can eventually start selling virtual goods to its target audience 

What to Expect in the Near Future? 

As you can see, Walmart has taken the first step towards building a presence in the metaverse. Once the project expands, we can expect collaboration with other big brands or industry giants who wish to appear in the Walmart metaverse.  

Furthermore, if Walmart metaverse embraces NFTs and creates unique digital currency, users will be able to purchase a wider variety of virtual goods, not only from Walmart but from other prominent brands as well. We should all look forward to these projects because they will only strengthen the foundation of the metaverse and normalize Web 3.0 technologies. 

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