Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA6) and Crypto

Whispers from the underground suggest that the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 will be the most lavish game the world has ever seen. Rumors swirl that the brains behind the blockbuster, Take-Two Interactive, are pouring a cool billion or two into their masterpiece, crushing the record-breaking budgets of Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny 2, and Star Citizen. 

The game's been in the works for a decade, so it's no surprise that wild theories abound. One theory that has gamers' tongues wagging is that it'll integrate cryptocurrency into its fabric, which, allegedly, players will be able to sell for USD. What's more, sources say the next edition of the legendary franchise will be set in the sultry environs of Columbia or Miami, with plenty of in-game opportunities for crypto rewards to be earned and traded. 

It seems the countdown has officially begun for this game-changer, leaving gamers and investors alike quivering with anticipation.

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gta 6 and crypto

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Integrating rewards 

Whispers in the gaming community suggest that GTA 6 is gearing up to revolutionize the realm of play-to-earn by incorporating cryptocurrency incentives, sparking anticipation for this highly anticipated successor to GTA 5. 

According to sources, the upcoming game may offer players an alluring opportunity to accumulate and exchange virtual crypto assets, motivating them to delve deeper into the immersive gaming experience. 

The rapidly growing play-to-earn phenomenon has been causing quite a commotion, transforming the pastime into a potential source of income. In line with this trend, GTA 6 may introduce Bitcoin, a top-tier digital currency, as a novel means of in-game payments and rewards. 

Although Rockstar Games has not yet made any official statements regarding the crypto integration, it has been confirmed that GTA 6 is under active development. 

With a track record of incorporating innovative play-to-earn features, the whispers about GTA 6’s crypto rewards carry a certain degree of legitimacy and amplify the excitement for what’s to come in this highly anticipated sequel. 

Earnings evolution 

To truly appreciate the magnitude of this development, let us cast a glance back in time and delve into the evolution of GTA’s earning system. GTA has always toyed with the concept of play-to-earn elements. The 2013 installation, GTA 5, introduced players to the intricacies of stock market trading, whereby players could earn riches through in-game exchanges and high-yield “Stock Market Assassination Missions.” This was a notable leap from its predecessor, GTA 4, which merely featured the Liberty City Stock Exchange (LCSE) building with no interactive components. 

GTA 5’s innovative feature allowed players to purchase and sell shares at their whim, using their in-game smartphones. This feature proved to be an instant hit among gamers, fueling speculation that the introduction of cryptocurrency rewards in GTA 6 would be met with enthusiasm from the game’s enormous fan base. 

Nonetheless, until there is an official confirmation from Rockstar Games, integrating cryptocurrency in GTA 6 remains a topic of speculation. As with any groundbreaking changes, the community’s response will have a decisive role in shaping this feature’s future. 

The integration of play-to-earn mechanics has been a significant trend in the gaming industry in recent years, offering players a chance to amass tokens, in-game currencies, and even non-fungible tokens (NFTs). If the rumors prove accurate, GTA 6’s foray into this realm could potentially signal a seismic shift in the gaming industry’s landscape. 

Metaverse concept 

Leaks in 2022 confirmed that the gameplay has progressed extensively, and SeekingAlpha boldly predicts that Take-Two Interactive could define the next decade of gaming. Could this development include Metaverse and cryptocurrency integration? GTA Online has already paved the way for such advancements, and it seems only a matter of time before they enter the new technological sphere. 

What’s more, Take-Two Interactive is taking GTA 6 seriously, as the success of the game could impact the company’s share prices and generate capital growth. In 2013, it took Rockstar Games three days to earn $1 billion from worldwide sales of GTA 5. With a more robust game, they’re now aiming to break the record and earn $1 billion in just a day or two. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – the GTA Metaverse concept and in-game cryptocurrency integration are not yet confirmed. Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive are remaining tight-lipped about the development, leaving fans eager to find out if their dreams will become a reality. So, let’s buckle up and wait for the game’s release to discover if GTA has indeed entered the next level of gaming innovation. 

Why it may not happen 

There is a large chance that this may not come to fruition as the rumors claim. The initial tweet that started the rumors did not have credible connections with Rockstar games, and the newer claims are coming from even less credible sources, making the rumor sketchier the more it is passed down. While the gaming industry is notoriously secretive, Rockstar is among the most tight-lipped companies out there, which is one of the reasons it never came out and affirmed or rejected the claims surrounding crypto and metaverse in their latest game.  

Another reason why it may not happen is the backlash companies received when they did try and incorporate play-to-earn mechanics in their games. For example, Ubisoft was lambasted for introducing NFTs to ghost Reacon Breakpoint, the players showed almost no interest in them. The market for its crypto, Quartz, sank like a stone in just a few months, and Ubisoft stopped selling Breakpoint NFTs; however, it does plan to release future games with these mechanics.  

On the flip side, the GTA franchise is known for its quirky humor and the fact that it is making fun of various social norms and developments that are active when the game is released. Perhaps GTA 6 will poke fun at crypto, metaverse, and all of the cultural developments surrounding it, and in this manner, the game will feature crypto, but not in the way the rumors predict it. GTA has been satirizing American culture through the last three games, and the fact that crypto is rife with destructive individuals and get-rich-quick “grindsets” may just make an irresistibly mockable package that Rockstar will include in the game.  


Making a final judgment on whether something will come to fruition based on the rumors alone is always difficult and often a thankless endeavor. While it does make sense that the latest Rockstar game will include crypto in some shape or form and even give players the opportunity to make money, the likelihood of it actually happening is quite slim. The fact that each GTA takes a lot of funds, time, and nerves to develop, basing some of it on a risky venture of incorporating metaverse and crypto, on the surface, seems like a bad business decision.  

Perhaps through the iconic GTA humor, we may see some references to crypto and the metaverse, but for those hoping that some form of currency will be incorporated into the game and that you will be able to sell it for real money, GTA 6 may be a disappointment. But again, anything is possible, and we do hope to see crypto incorporated into the game in a positive manner. Until then, we have to be patient. 

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