The Excess of Gadgets: Unnecessary Yet Ubiquitous Tech Obsessions

Purchasing the latest gadgets shortly after they are released has become a must these days. While it would be almost impossible to live without a smartphone or laptop, we tend to hoard devices we could do without.

What is it that you don’t really need but still have?

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unnecessary gadgets

Illustration: Lenka T.

In an era where technological advancements reign supreme, it’s hard to bypass the allure of shiny new toys swearing to revolutionize our lives. Every day, a new gadget emerges, promising to entice us with convenience, connectivity, and cutting-edge features. 

Yet, all too often, these devices merely clutter our lives, drain our wallets, and distract us from what truly matters. Indeed, in this tech era, living without some devices would be inconceivable. Nevertheless, oftentimes we can’t help but question the genuine necessity of some of the gadgets that have become ubiquitous in our society. 

The time has come to separate the must-haves from the must-nots, the game-changers from the gimmicks, and rediscover a sense of discernment amidst the clamor of the tech frenzy. 


With the emergence of cellphones, watches, both analog and digital, became more of an accessory than a necessity. Barely everyone used their analog watch to tell the time. Instead, it became a means of showing off the size, the brand, and the price.  

With the release of the first Apple Watch eight years ago, in 2015, smartwatches were slowly but gradually gaining popularity. As 4.2 million watches were sold in 2015 Q2, you may assume that not everyone 1) was interested in it, 2) was willing to buy it, 3) could afford it.  

Fast forward to 2022, the number of smartwatch users grew to astonishing 216.43 million, with the prediction that the figure will rise to 224.27 million by the end of 2023. What has happened meanwhile? 

smart watch

In theory, the idea of to read messages and emails, answer the calls, check social media notifications and health information sounds more than great. Smartwatch is particularly beneficial for users who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, enabling them to track their heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen. 

But can you really imagine yourself answering the call in James Bond style? Come on, you’re not an intelligence agent who has to keep their phone calls secret and unnoticed. And why would you bother reading messages or emails on a 1.5-inch display when you can do so on a 5 or 6-inch gadget? 

Let’s not pretend that a smartwatch is way more functional than an ordinary smartphone as it’s not. It more than often duplicates all the functionalities you already have on your phone. Hence, we can’t help but feel that these wearables are more of a luxury than a necessity. 

Bluetooth speakers 

Being able to take your music with you wherever you go without fearing tinnitus due to excessive exposure to loud music coming from your headphones sounds just perfect. The only thing you need is a portable Bluetooth speaker, and your music and you are all set to head to the nearest beach, park, forest. 

Even if you have no intention of carrying the speakers around, Bluetooth speakers offer extra convenience as you don’t have to bother with plugging in extra cables. This may come in perfectly handy when a group of people wants to share their favorite songs and music. 

bluetooth speakers

But there is always a “but.” No one wants to listen to your shitty asshole music. People who came to the beach or forest are there for a reason – they want to relax. Read it again. R-E-L-A-X, not to listen to a bunch of idiots whose music is blaring and thundering from low quality speakers capable only of boosting the bloody bass.  

Next time you think of carrying your damned gadget with you, be a bit more considerate. Think about the peace others deserve after dealing with bosses, family, and people in general. 

Regarding home Bluetooth speakers, however you despise them, cables are there for a reason. Though the Bluetooth technology has significantly progressed and improved, it can’t match the audio quality provided by dedicated home audio systems or high-end speaker. Audiophiles and those who prioritize exceptional sound quality may find wireless and Bluetooth to be of low quality compared to good ole cables.  

Bluetooth headphones 

There is nothing worse than taking your headphones out of your bag or pocket, only to find them entangled to infinity. Seeing them in such a state, you can:  

  • Waste your time trying to disentangle them,  
  • Leave them in such a state  
  • Buy Bluetooth headphones and say goodbye to cables forever.  

High-quality Bluetooth headphones might be a bit pricey, but this is a worthy and beneficial investment. Just remember, how many pairs of wired headphones did you have to dispose of because the cable snapped? 

bluetooth headphones

Yet, the long-despised cable adds to the quality of headphones. Just as is the case with speakers, audio quality of Bluetooth headphones tends to be poorer compared to their wired counterpart. You may even notice the Bluetooth signal interfering with the Wi-Fi and messing up the entire audio experience.  

And oh, the damned battery, let’s not forget it. Bluetooth headphones are indeed more convenient in terms of portability and convenience. However, there’s nothing worse than heading outside only to find that your headphones are dead as you forgot to charge them. After all, what’s the point of a gadget that needs constant charging? 


How many times have you been late for work because you couldn’t find your car or home keys? There’s nothing worse than rummaging through hundreds of bags when you’re supposed to have headed to an office half an hour ago.  

For those who keep losing their stuff around, Apple has created an ingenious (and rather decent when it comes to price) little thingy – AirTag. Simply attach one tag to your keys or whatever you struggle finding, put the other in your bag or wallet and use Find My app to track them.  


Now, take a deep breath and ask yourself if you really need this thing. Unless you have a dog or cat that has a tendency to roam the street and need a tag to find them, the answer will probably be “no.”  

Plus, not knowing where you put your stuff may be a symptom of an issue such as irresponsibility, burnout or ADHD. Take a break, meditate, see a therapist, do whatever it takes to get your life together and you’ll know where your keys are.  

AR/VR headset 

If you are a Millennial or GenX, whenever you get too close to the screen as your vision is getting poor because you’re getting old, you’ll immediately remember your (grand)mother screaming at you not to sit too close to the TV as you’ll go blind.  

If you’re a GenZ, you’ll be looking ridiculous swinging your arms in the air with something that looks like goggles on your head. The “screen” which is too close is none of your concern as you’re already have a bad vision.  

Joking aside, AR/VR headsets are entertaining, no one denies that. There is nothing wrong with taking a break to immerse yourself in another dimension for an hour or two. What’s more, AR/VR headsets have immense potential in the field of training and education. They can simulate real-life scenarios, allowing users to practice and gain practical skills in a safe and controlled environment. This can be particularly useful for medical training, flight simulations, engineering design, etc.  

ar vr headset

Some companies may even use the AR/VR headsets in job interviews with their candidates. 

Nevertheless, AR/VR experiences can be isolating, as users are fully immersed in a virtual environment and may lose connection with the real world and other people around them. This can further hinder social interactions and limit shared experiences. 

Do you really wanna be a socially isolated freak? 


Hoverboards have gained popularity in recent years as a fun and convenient mode of transportation – more fun than convenient, honestly speaking. Being lightweight, they are easy to carry around and can be ideal for short distances, especially in crowded urban areas where parking can be a challenge. 


But… a hoverboard? Why a hoverboard? What happened to a skateboard? If you’re really seeking the excitement of breaking your arm, why don’t you just skateboard? Why on earth would anyone choose a gadget that needs constant charging instead of a skateboard? 

Latest smartphone model 

Until a decade or so ago, phones used to have a replaceable battery. When it’s finally drained and dead, you could replace it and keep using the phone until you kill that battery as well. However, when Apple started integrating the non-removable battery and other companies followed the same trend, everything went to hell. 

Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to buy a battery and replace it on your own. Rather, you need to go to the shop and have it replaced by professional staff. Sadly, no one bothers to do so, as it’s more convenient to purchase a new smartphone when the old one shows the signs of aging.  

This is perfectly legitimate, as nothing lasts forever. The technology changes, both software and hardware upgrade and eventually, your old smartphones become incapable of carrying out everyday tasks.  


Unfortunately, many people tend to purchase the latest models at all cost only to boast around and brag about them. There is nothing in the world that can justify purchasing a new Samsung or iPhone every year the moment they are released.  

A question for those who frantically pre-order or wait for hours in the line to grab their future child: are you a victim of FOMO or just insane? You haven’t even got your iPhone 14 to working but are already thinking about 15? What problem do you have? 

Electric scooter 

Our dear planet Earth is suffocating. We are killing it with our cars and fumes. Due to this, we need eco-friendly mode of transportation ASAP. Public transport is a viable solution, but buses still emit fumes, while trains and underground rely on electricity. 

Electric scooters have emerged as a perfect solution. They are convenient and green; they don’t use fossil fuels therefore don’t leave a carbon footprint. They are also compact, lightweight, and portable, which makes them ideal for commuting. Wherever you go, you can just unfold them, ride to the desired destination, then fold them again.  

With electric scooters, you can wave goodbye to being stuck in a traffic jam, as you’re free to take shortcuts. Most importantly, you don’t have to think about parking tickets.  


All this sounds too good to be true, as in a perfect advertisement. Electric scooters are indeed green and help reduce pollution, but why don’t you ride a bike if you’re so concerned about the environment? It much healthier and less irritating for pedestrians who don’t need to listen or watch for crazy e-scooter riders buzzing around.  

Plus, bikes don’t rely on chargers and batteries so they won’t betray you when you need them most. Thus, ride a bike, not a scooter!  

"Ever tried. Ever failed. Never mind. Try again. Fail better."