Etherscan Launches an AI-Powered Code Reader

The combined potential of AI and blockchain has reached new heights - Etherscan, an Ethereum block explorer and analytics platform, has launched a Code Reader tool that relies mainly on AI. Etherscan’s new AI-powered tool is capable of analyzing smart contracts’ source code, allowing people to scout for bugs, learn about smart contract functionality, and dive deeper into the Ethereum ecosystem. The Code Reader is under the Developers section on the Etherscan official website, and you’ll need a valid OpenAI API key to use it.

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Etherscan Code Reader

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AI-Powered Code Reader

Etherscan is considered the most prominent and trusted Ethereum blockchain explorer out there. It offers beneficial data regarding transactions, smart contracts, wallets, and other elements on the Ethereum ecosystem. That said, it’s no wonder the newest feature has brought excitement to the community.

Etherscan launched its new AI-powered Code Reader on June 19th. This disruptive merge of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence can provide never-before-seen information related to smart contract source codes.

Smart Contract

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The launch was announced in a blog post stating that Code Reader users can use this tool to access and interact with the smart contracts’ source code files. As the Code Reader tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to bring detailed information about specific smart contracts and their functionality, it makes more room for more simplicity and efficiency in the blockchain development world.

Here’s what the newest Etherscan tool looks like:

Code Reader

Source: Etherscan

But Code Reader isn’t for a selected few only. Whether you want to learn about smart contracts or explore the crypto project you’re invested in on a deeper level, Code Reader will simplify your search and make information more accessible and digestible.


This feature is particularly valuable when interacting with a smart contract for the first time, as it provides a thorough understanding of its operations and functionality.

It says on the Code Reader’s tutorial page.

How Does the Code Reader Tool Work?

Relying on OpenAI’s large language model (LLM), Code Reader works similarly to ChatGPT. The AI-powered tool responds to a prompt from the user by retrieving a contract address and providing insight into its source files. You could also provide the contract code you’re eager to investigate, and depending on your interest in the code, Code Reader will generate an adequate response.

And just like you would get an answer from the most used AI chatbot in the world in a matter of seconds, Code Reader is an efficient tool that guarantees near-instant responses to all your smart contract queries.

Still, Etherscan warns about the limitations of its newest tool. Based on copious amounts of unchecked data, artificial intelligence can’t produce 100% factual responses. In other words, you may not always get a viable answer from the Code Reader and should double-check and verify the generated outputs.


The responses are generated by OpenAI's large language model (LLM) and are for informational purposes only. Always verify their accuracy and do not rely solely on them as evidence or for bug bounty submissions.

The Code Reader tutorial page also states that users must provide a valid OpenAI API key, but confirms that the tool doesn’t store users’ APIs. Once you complete this step, you can start interacting with your new smart contract explorer tool.

How to Get the OpenAI API Key?

To get your API key, log into your OpenAI account and select the API field.

OpenAI API keys

Source: OpenAI

Then, click on the Personal button you can find in the upper right corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear, giving you a few options for your next step. You should select View API keys to get them.

API keys

Source: OpenAI

If you already have API keys, you’ll see them listed on the next page. However, if you don’t have any API keys in your arsenal, you can create one by clicking the Create new secret key button.

Now that you have your API key, you can return to the Code Reader tool and interact with smart contracts using AI. Still, don’t forget that AI can be faulty and unreliable, especially if you’re using Code Reader to learn about smart contracts! Although an incredible tool, it’s always better to be extra careful when investigating delicate matters such as smart contract source code.

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