Ethereum Slovenia: Another Regional Event Dedicated to the Ethereum Ecosystem

The summer of 2023 has so far been generous to all Ethereum enthusiasts. First, we had the opportunity to attend EDCON and listen to many bright minds, including Vitalik Buterin, talk about the latest Ethereum developments, after which an amazing ETH Belgrade conference took place in the capital of Serbia.
However, the opportunity to learn from the best didn’t end there. The Ethereum Slovenia event is next in line, and we couldn’t be more excited. So, if you’ve by any chance missed the latest Ethereum hype, now is your time to get together with like-minded individuals and share your vision for this thriving ecosystem.

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Ethereum Slovenia Relaunch

Illustration: Lenka T.

Ethereum Slovenia Meetup

Hosted by, a nonprofit tech hub that gathers together techies in Ljubljana, the Ethereum Slovenia relaunch is set for June 22nd. This isn’t the first event of this kind happening in Slovenia, though. The first Ethereum meetup was held in September 2015, only a few months after Ethereum was launched, making it one of the first gatherings in honor of the second largest blockchain network.

Ethereum Slovenia Meetup


Still, the last opportunity to attend this event was in 2018. Surprisingly, that was around the time when Ethereum finally began receiving more attention from the general public. Of course, many things have changed since then, one of them being the switch from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake. And as Ethereum is showing no signs of slowing down, active community members devised an idea to relaunch the event and get on board again.

Ethereum is growing steadily, and the community is only getting stronger, making meetups such as Ethereum Slovenia essential.

What to Expect?

The people behind the event are Žiga Perović, COO at Block Analitica and co-founder at Kairos Capita, Stane Devic, Web 3.0 product manager, Uroš Hrastar, CEO and co-founder at Qvrse, and Gregor Žavcer, director at ETH Swarm. Together, they will introduce why the sudden need to relaunch the event and discuss the vision behind this revived project.


As this is the relaunch event, we are hoping to gather everyone that was already a part of the community. Our main goal is to create a bridge between experts (developers, product, business) and those who are only looking to join Web 3.0 (already existing web2 businesses, new businesses, new career paths, etc).

Stane Devic, Web 3.0 product manager and one of the event organizers said for WebMind.

You’ll also hear more about their backgrounds and experience and get the opportunity to share your Ethereum development stories. By relaunching Ethereum Slovenia, these people are once again creating a space to get together, share their ideas, and learn from each other’s success stories or valuable lessons learned along the way.


This first event will be explorative - we will present our vision of where we want to take the ecosystem in the next year. It’s important for us to show that planned events will be for everyone - meetups, use cases sessions, hackathons. By doing that we want to establish a first connection with the ecosystem and hear them out - we have a general plan for what we’d like to bring, but they can most definitely co-create with us.

Stane Devic said for WebMind.

Attendees will get to discuss Ethereum’s potential and share their experiences with other community members. It goes without saying that the topics will revolve around Ethereum’s ecosystem and the Web 3.0 world, so don’t miss your chance to mingle and contribute to the ever-growing local community of Ethereum enthusiasts.

The event starts at 19:00, and a panel discussion led by Žiga Perović is scheduled for 19:30. The after-party, where you’ll get to discuss all things Ethereum, can be expected around 20:20. If you’re interested in attending, you can find more information about the event and available tickets here.

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