Taking Blockchain Gaming to the Next Level: Polygon and Ethereum-based Project Unite for Cutting-Edge Crypto Gaming

March of 2023 is full of exciting news in the blockchain and crypto community, with one of them being Polygon’s partnership with the Ethereum-based crypto project Immutable. Using zero-knowledge technology, together they aim to build a separate blockchain focused entirely on gaming and hasten decentralized game development.
According to the Polygon official website, the launch of the first gaming-oriented blockchain is expected in the coming months. Still, Polygon and Immutable made sure developers can get a hold of early documentation in hopes of encouraging the beginning of integration with the Immutable zkEVM blockchain technology. That said, developers will be familiar with the concept by the time the zkEVM network goes live, and decentralized game development will begin almost immediately.

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Immutable zkEVM

Illustration: Milica M.

What is Immutable zkEVM?

Powered by Polygon, Immutable zkEVM (zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine) is a pioneering blockchain technology designed specifically for games. The chain offers EVM compatibility, meaning developers can use it to write and deploy smart contracts compatible with the EVM or Ethereum Virtual Machine. That said, the smart contracts on the Immutable zkEVM chains could be read by the nodes within the Ethereum ecosystem.

The blockchain was developed from a need to simplify developers’ journey of creating games. According to DappRadar dApp Industry Repost for 2022 , blockchain games development in 2022 accounts for 49% of dApp activity. As more developers plan on joining the hype, Polygon and Immutable are trying to provide a platform dedicated strictly to Web 3.0 game developers.


The partnership simplifies the decision-making process for developers, providing the fastest route from concept to launch, and opening up the largest and most liquid ecosystem for end users.

Polygon states in its Immutable zkEVM announcement.

The announcement about the pioneering blockchain for gaming was released only a week before the Polygon zkEVM went live on Mainnet Beta.

As of March 2027, the Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta is live. It’s public and permissionless, meaning anyone wanting to try it out can use it to initiate transactions and build their projects.

In other words, the Polygon zkEVM is open source under an AGPL v3 license, meaning anyone can access their source code. Not only that, but the decision to go with that choice will allow developers to access, tweak, distribute, and upgrade the code to their liking.

After the zkEVM Mainnet Beta launch, Vitalik Buterin initiated and completed the first symbolic transaction on the chain. In addition to that, the mass adoption of this virtual machine has already begun, as a number of dApp and gaming project builders are taking advantage of this innovative technology.

Why Did These Players in the Web 3.0 Game Partner Up?

Polygon is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum and the most popular choice for developers dabbling in web 3.0 gaming. That is primarily because it offers plug-and-play SDKs (Software Development Kits), making room for more efficiency developers need for a seamless building experience.

Some of the most significant and relevant blockchain gaming projects have already laid the foundation for the Polygon network, making it a go-to place for blockchain game development.

However, Immutable is also one of the most prominent leaders in the Web 3.0 gaming world. It’s the first gaming platform to bring a zero-knowledge scaling solution and all the flexibility that comes with it to developers contributing to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Together, they have both the technology and influence to revolutionize the Web 3.0 gaming market and offer people a one-stop shop where all the fun and exciting gaming projects come to life.


By combining the number one Web3 gaming platform – currently serving hundreds of game studios and millions of players – with Polygon’s best-in-class zkEVM technology, we are building an Ethereum-centric gaming ecosystem that is poised to take Web3 mainstream and bring digital ownership to millions of people around the world.

Said Robbie Ferguson, Immutable president, and co-founder.

He also added that “Billions of dollars of skins are sold each year with no rights for players – we’re changing that, so players are in control, and ownership is the expectation.”

That said, as soon as the Immutable zkEVM launches, we can expect positive changes in this industry sector.

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