Play-to-Earn NFT Game MiSED: Is It Here to Stay or Will It Burst to Flames?

The MiSED project is a videogame that has a connected exchange platform with real-life assets. With many pros and cons, it’s difficult to decide first-hand whether we love it or hate it.
So, before we pick sides, let’s go through the idea of the project, its infrastructure, and check what the NFT collectors worldwide have said about it.

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Illustration: Milica Mijajlovic

Why is MiSED a game changer for NFT projects? 

For starters, think of MiSED as a unique auction marketplace that connects NFT collectors, gamers and business owners. Apart from the digital world, the project includes real-life events that enhance the sense of belonging. 

Now, the creators of MiSED are anything but humble. 

On their official website, they’re referring to this play-to-earn game as game-changing for NFT projects so far. 

So, let’s see what they’re so confident about. 

The core of the project is the game itself, but what’s so special about it is that it goes hand-in-hand with all the current trends when it comes to customer habits

Self-improvement? Check. 

Feeling like you’re in a VIP club? Check. 

Analogue version of the game? Check. 

With these ingredients, MiSED couldn’t have missed. 

But is the hype only on the surface or did they really think it through and offer a game that’s here to stay? 

Well, the initial idea was to create an environment that would awake positive feelings whenever you think about it, so that users would be motivated to come back to it. 

They achieved this feeling by giving users the tools to address their frustrations in a proper way and teach them how to handle them. More precisely, they educate them on controlling their mindset so that users can get the best out of their memory, imagination, and reason. 

But you don’t just get these lessons randomly. 

By wandering the virtual world, you come across different obstacles and each of them teaches you something valuable. 

Like in real life, only you’re the main character in every situation. 

Anyway, why would players need this kind of support? 

As you may have guessed, oscillations, rugpulls and occasional collapses aren’t that rare on the crypto market. Apart from that, you may struggle with strict regulation in your country regarding crypto assets, or you may have forgotten your Recovery Phrase… You name it. 

When any of these events happen, you usually don’t get greeted by understanding or support from people around you. On the contrary, you usually get the “Told you so” reaction. 

In other words, rather than waiting for it to catch you unprepared and go through stress and guilt, you can now work on the necessary skillset, specifically tailored for the crypto world. 

Seems useful, doesn’t it? 

The infrastructure supporting the game  

The whole idea behind the MiSED project is to gain access to a connected and rewarding ecosystem by becoming an NFT collector. In this play-to-earn game, you receive instant rewards as you play the game. 

The MiSED collection has a supply of 9,999 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain ERC-721. 

By buying the MiSED NFT, collectors get:   

  • A percentage of the game profits in real money when it hits the commercial market. 
  • Access to a private auction platform where they can exchange in-game currency for real-life products, like the Titanium Racing Bicycles. 
  • VIP access to digital and real-life events & fairs with all the companies who joined the auction platform. 

Plus, you can request tailor-made NFT or physical art pieces from MiSED’s NFT artist. 

Namely, the game was created and designed by the Netherlands-based artist Fenna van der Vliet, who collaborated with game developers from the studio “Stickylock”. 

So, what do companies get for joining the so-called Cube Club and offering their products to players? 

Well, first of all, there can only be a maximum of 100 companies that are selected for their high-end and unique products/services. Moreover, their products will be presented at community events, such as auctions, and will be showcased throughout the game to players worldwide. 

Players can then bid with their collected Cubes, and companies reserve the right to accept or reject the bid. 

Now, let’s see what’s the features of the digital and the analogue version of the game. 

Digital game 

As mentioned, the gameplay includes minigames that allow players to work on their self-esteem and learn how to navigate difficult situations. 

Players collect coins, which can be used to enhance their avatar “Mise” or to receive discounts or keys for other games. 

In addition to that, players can gain access to the aforementioned Cubes, which come in a limited number (24.999). Users receive one Cube when they mint an NFT, through gameplay and by participating as active members of the community through giveaways. 

And, at the end of each year, Cube holders can exchange their Cubes for Money from the Vault, which is where 40% of the game profits are stored. 

Analogue game 

The analogue version of the game is available in the form of collectible trading cards. These cards are based on minigames with life questions provoking the player’s will, intuition and memory. 

This experience is enhanced through real-life events, such as exhibitions, fairs and auctions, where collectors can trade the cards as well. 

How to play MiSED? 

When I first read how MiSED promoted itself, I wondered if it’s even made with true gamers in mind. For example, take a look at this sentence: 


While many popular videogames include violence and offer little to none benefits to the player, MiSED aims to break this cycle by providing players with brainhacks and tips to apply in their real lives (…) Additionally, it is suitable for gamers who are willing to make positive changes in their lives.

Official whitepaper 

Isn’t it a bit weird to dive into gaming if you have such a low opinion of videogames? 

This biased opinion that games only promote violence and are useless in the long run is usually common for people outside the industry, so we didn’t expect it from game creators themselves. 

And, in a way, it wasn’t created for gamers primarily. 

It’s created for NFT collectors; those who are open-minded enough to give a chance to invest for short- and long-term ROI. 

So, when you decide to give MiSED a chance, you can choose between three roles: 

  1. Collector; 
  2. Gamer; 
  3. Company. 

Finally, you can choose all three roles. 

On their website, you can test out the game and navigate the world by using W, A, S, D to control the character movements, and SPACE to jump. I didn’t last more than a couple of minutes because I kept falling off the same cliff and ending at the starting point. 

Anyway, if you like what you saw and heard, you can submit your Wallet address and enter the Whitelist to be one of the first to enter the MiSED world. 

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