Top 5 AI Fitness Apps to Try When Gym Is Not an Option

Going to the gym to exercise is essential for your well-being. It helps you build a routine and positive habits, gives access to expensive equipment, and makes you more resilient and motivated. More importantly, training with others can help you develop good form and discover which muscles to work on to achieve specific results.

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Fitness apps

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If going to the gym is not an option now, this article is for you. Instead of scrolling through YouTube and collecting workout fragments from different creators, you can get personalized workout plans from a fitness app. But not regular fitness apps, although they aren’t bad either. The fitness apps we will talk about today run on artificial intelligence.

AI is finding its place and establishing a presence in our world, so it’s no wonder we already have fitness apps that utilize it. Although not a first choice for many people – primarily because the idea is relatively young and we only have a handful of AI fitness apps to choose from – AI fitness apps are an excellent substitute for your gym or a fitness studio.

Fitness apps powered by artificial intelligence can create more personalized workout routines and help clients reach their goals faster. In addition, if you feel stuck or don’t know where to begin, having a tailored workout plan at the tip of your finger could help you break that loop and start reaching your fitness goals faster.

With that in mind, here are our top five AI apps you can try as alternatives to your standard fitness apps. Not only do most of these apps offer a comprehensive and detailed workout plan, but they can also help regulate your diet, track calories, sleep, and physical activity, and provide a better overview of your health. Let’s begin with Fitbod.


Fitbod ProsFitbod Cons
Offers additional content about nutritionExpensive
Versatile and easy to useRequires regular updates to improve/ensure accuracy
Video format available for every exercise 

Fitbod is at the top of our list of the best AI fitness apps primarily due to its commitment to providing personalized workouts for users of all fitness levels. Whether you’re exploring the idea of working out regularly or are already considered a pro, Fitbod will help you progress.

With Fitbod’s sophisticated algorithm mirroring the expertise of a personal trainer, your fitness journey will be in good hands. It relies on your feedback to improve exercise recommendations, ensuring each workout is tailored to your specific goals and preferences. The more users interact with Fitbod and provide valuable data, the more it can refine its suggestions over time to maximize progress.

Of course, that means you will have to regularly update the info you gave Fitbod at the start of your journey. However, Fitbod is worth extra effort, as it offers a truly unique and personalized training experience.


FitnessAI ProsFitnessAI Cons
A range of exercises availableNo Android version
User-friendly interfaceCould improve the billing options
Excellent for consistent progress 

FitnessAI is an exceptional fitness app for anyone looking for a perfect workout experience. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer home or gym workouts; FitnessAI comes to the rescue as its advanced training algorithm serves as a personal trainer in your pocket.

You’ll find a variety of exercises on this app, as well as expert guidance on the ideal sets, reps, and weights you need to consider in order to achieve your fitness goals. Still, versatility is one of our favorite FitnessAI features, as it doesn’t limit your options to equipment-based exercises, regardless of your goals. Whether you aim to build muscle, tone your body, or lose weight quickly, FitnessAI tailors a world-class training regimen to suit your needs.

You’ve probably seen many fitness gurus backing up their claims with intuition and personal experience, not data. That’s not the case at FitnessAI. The app learns from your inputs and optimizes gym sessions for health, strength, and overall fitness, utilizing high-rep modes for toning and advanced progressive overload techniques for muscle building.

Cost efficiency is another excellent thing about FitnessAI. If you want to save up and consider other options besides an expensive gym membership, FitnessAI won’t disappoint. However, remember that the app is available on the iOS store only. Android users don’t yet have the opportunity to use this app, and developers didn’t specify if the Android version will be available anytime in the future.


EvolveAI ProsEvolveAI Cons
Combines AI and experienceCould diversify the exercises even more
Personal nutritionist and trainer 
Voice-to-text available 

EvolveAI made it to our list of the top 5 AI fitness apps for several reasons. First, it merges AI with elite coaching to deliver you a personal AI trainer and nutritionist for a fraction of the price. On top of that, it allows you to reap all the benefits of AI and machine learning by offering features such as voice-to-text logging or workout updates and schedules. If you can’t seem to stick to your daily routine, EvolveAI will help you change your habits for the better and be the best version of yourself.

Besides that, EvolveAI empowers users to optimize their progress by providing real-time feedback and personalized adjustments. As a result, users can easily monitor their daily food intake and gain insights to make informed decisions about their diet. Whether you want to gain weight, build muscles or simply improve your relationship with food, the platform’s intuitive interface ensures effortless tracking and analysis.


Freeletics ProsFreeletics Cons
Millions of satisfied usersIt takes time to get used to plan
Tailored exercisesIt could be a little intense for some
Dedicated to offering various options  

Freeletics is one of those apps you consider when you really want to change something about your life. Flexibility is one of the key features, allowing users to customize their workout sessions to suit their needs and capabilities. Whether you have an hour to spare or only want to exercise for 15 minutes, the app accommodates your schedule, not the other way around. Besides, it features both indoor and outdoor activities, so if you need to change your routine regularly or want to experience a little bit of both worlds, Freeletics comes to the rescue.

It goes without saying that Freeletics is AI-based, meaning you can “communicate” with your digital coach. This makes room for improvement, allowing the app to offer more personalized plans to its users. Freeletics is both your trainer and nutritionist, so no more counting calories or endlessly searching for meal prep recipes – Freeletics does that for you!

Aaptiv Coach

Aaptiv Coach ProsAaptiv Coach Cons
Encourages good habitsIt’s pricey
A holistic approach to health 
Meticulously tailored 

The Aaptiv Coach app is focused on your individual needs and preferences, and it uses AI to continue to offer content that’s right for you. Your plan is tailored according to your goals, schedule, and workout preferences, so you don’t have to worry about changing the routine or adding more things to your schedule. Aaptiv adapts to all the unexpected events that life throws at us. That said, with Aaptiv Coach, you won’t feel guilty about skipping your workout sessions – the app can create a perfect plan even for a 10-min session. 

 Even if you want to include some exercises that aren’t available on the app, you can easily do just that, and Aaptiv Coach will take into account what other activities are on the schedule for that day. Beyond just exercise, Aaptiv Coach knows and reminds its users that working out regularly is not enough for your wellbeing.  So, the app encourages you to set and work towards healthy habits as part of your plan, ensuring a holistic approach to your health journey.