Menacing or Adorable: AI-Powered Girlfriend Cloning

Advancements in artificial intelligence seem to have gone too far, some would say to the verge of creepiness. The latest development fostered by developer Enias Cailliau may make it possible to clone people.

Like a creepy concoction of Don’t Worry Darling and Her, Cailliau has successfully cloned his girlfriend into an AI bot, affectionately named SachaGPT. What's both intriguing and unsettling is that anyone can do the same as the developer shared the entire making process and codes on Twitter.

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ai generated girlfriend

Illustration: Lenka T.

Enias Cailliau has been long interested in artificial intelligence. However, it was OpenAI’s Large Language Model that first got him intrigued and led him down the road. Having seen the miracles other developers were doing he couldn’t help it but test the powers of AI on his own. 

Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and Eleven Labs, Cailliau embarked on a rather strange venture – to clone his girlfriend, Sascha Ludwig.  

However horrifying this may sound, this is not the first instance of human cloning. About a month ago, Snapchat user Caryn Marjorie generated an AI version of herself. Her idea to use her talent to make some extra money turned out to be fairly lucrative, as she raked in $70,000 in only one week. 

And this was not the sole case. As Cailliau revealed for Vice, there were tons of other projects, but all of them were closed-source. This made him create an open-source version everyone could access.   

But how did Cailliau achieve his stunt?  

Generating SachaGPT

Enias Cailliau shared the whole story about his AI-generated girlfriend and the entire making process on Twitter. 

The initial step was generating language. To create a large language model (LLM), Cailliau used LangChain which was supposed to mirror his partner’s personality. With the help of Bard, Google’s chatbot, he recreated her personality, relying on Sascha’s accounts on Instagram and YouTube. 

To copy Sascha’s voice and make things look more realistic, the developer employed AI text-to-speech cloning software Eleven Labs. Using Stable Diffusion, a text-to-image model, he managed to recall memories of her from their time together. Eventually, he implemented Steamship to connect all the dots. 

There’s more to SachaGPT than cringe

The idea of your beloved one creating an AI clone of you or vice versa might sound a bit too cringe. However, Sascha Ludwig, Cailliau’s girlfriend didn’t think so. In fact, she was pretty cool with the entire project and curious about what the bot version of herself would look like.  

But besides playing around, generating AI clones of humans might eventually serve a higher purpose: creating automated assistants or support agents. 

The chief reason Cailliau chose his life companion as a template was that he knows her best – her character traits, behavior and mannerisms. The only issue was her voice as it sounds too much Siri and too little Sascha. 

Plans for the future

As Cailliau stated for Vice, he hopes to expand his work, implying he’d like to generate a boyfriend AI clone. In addition, he seeks to develop a more personalized long-term memory of the clone. This could allow them to have meaningful conversation with human counterparts.  

The latest advancement in AI technology will surely make us ponder what could be next to come and what may happen next, given the fact anyone can clone a human on a whim. Yet, it’s essential to remember that with great power comes great responsibility. The brand-new technology could be our best friend and assistant in carrying out mundane tasks. Or it could become our worst foe and nightmare if happens to be in wrong hands.  

"Ever tried. Ever failed. Never mind. Try again. Fail better."