From Code to Chart-Toppers: Warner Music’s Deal with AI Pop Star

Warner Music has ventured to do something no one dared before. The company has signed a revolutionary deal with a singer Noonoouri whose debut single ‘Dominoes’ was launched on September 1.

What makes Noonoouri stand out from other pop singers is the fact that she’s created solely by artificial intelligence.

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first ai pop singer

Illustration: Lenka T.

Meet Noonoouri – the ageless, tireless, and ever-vibrant Instagram influencer. She doesn’t require sustenance, never tires, and doesn’t know the concept of slumber. She can even conjure a set of abs at will, but that’s not what sets her apart. Namely, Noonoouri is entirely digital and exists solely on the internet.  

On September 1, Noonoouri made her musical debut with the release of ‘Dominoes.’ This marked a groundbreaking moment as she inked a record deal with Warner Music Central Europe. This way she has become the first-ever digital influencer to secure such a significant music contract. 

Noonoouri  embodies conventional and unattainable beauty standards, with strikingly wide eyes and a dainty nose. Her virtual persona promotes veganism, sustainable fashion, and a fur-free fashion. 

Initial reception of ‘Dominoes’ 

Noonoouri’s singing voice carries a distinct touch of raspiness, primarily due to the use of auto-tune. This is particularly noticeable to those accustomed to human vocal performances. One user even commented that Noonoouri, “looks and sounds like plastic.” 

According to The Independent, Noonoouri’s singing voice was crafted using AI technology. The basis was a real singer’s voice which was subsequently transformed to give her a unique vocal identity. The lyricists, vocalists, and musicians involved in the song will receive royalties and publishing splits, akin to those earned in conventional non-AI-generated tracks. 

‘Dominoes’ also features the talents of German DJ and producer Alle Farben. 

Rise to stardom 

Noonoouri’s modeling career has eclipsed the success of many aspiring models in New York. Her public debut took place in 2018 at New York Fashion Week when she was 18, and she remains 18 to this day. Noonoouri boasts collaborations with fashion powerhouses like Dior, Valentino, and MiuMiu,. She even made a cameo in a Kim Kardashian beauty line contouring tutorial for KKW Beauty. 

The creative genius behind Noonoouri is Germany-based CGI artist Joerg Zuber. His fascination with the world of fashion and beauty, ignited at the tender age of five when he discovered Vogue, inspired him to bring Noonoouri to life. Through this digital muse, he has established connections with some of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses. 

A digital phenomenon 

As of the time of writing, Zuber’s digital creation boasts over 403K devoted followers on Instagram. Her music video for ‘Dominoes’ has accumulated more than 50,000 views on YouTube. 

Noonoouri is part of a growing trend where digital models and influencers generate substantial income for their creators. Take, for example, 23-year-old Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie, who has created an AI version of herself. With the assistance of a firm that engages with online audiences, she charges $1 per minute for interactions. The potential monthly income she can amass is estimated at $5 million. 

While the specific terms of Noonoouri’s record deal remain undisclosed, reports from the Filipino Times estimate her earnings at approximately $1,800 per sponsored post. This figure surpasses the annual income of many people in underdeveloped and developing countries. Her annual income is approximated at $2.6 million, solidifying her status as a digital trailblazer in the realm of influencers and artists alike. 

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