Even the Pope Anticipates an AI Disaster

People have debated the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence ever since it gained traction. While some believe the future lies in AI, others aren’t so confident in its ability to perform tasks like a pro. Not only that, but we can see both experts and laymen warning about the risks of AI and the catastrophic consequences that could occur if we don’t get it under control.
Apparently, the Pope agrees and even warns about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence.

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Pope’s Concerns Over AI

This Tuesday, Pope Francis called for a reflection on the possible dangers that could be caused by artificial intelligence. According to Reuters, the beloved Pope acknowledges “disruptive possibilities and ambivalent effects” that could come to fruition if we don’t get this emerging technology under control. The Pope’s stern warning about a possible AI disaster was delivered in advance of the next World Day of Peace, which the Catholic Church marks on New Year’s Day. As it is common to release the announcement well in advance, we have the opportunity to reflect in the upcoming months and focus on ethical concerns over AI.

The statement also recalls “the need to be vigilant and to work so that a logic of violence and discrimination does not take root in the production and use of such devices, at the expense of the most fragile and excluded.”

Still, it’s no surprise that the theme of next year’s World Day of Peace revolves around artificial intelligence. In March this year, the People met with tech sector representatives at the Vatican to discuss AI development’s ethical implications. Before that, he also spoke at a Vatican conference on AI ethics in front of representatives from Microsoft, IBM, and the Jewish and Muslim communities. At the end of the said event, the representatives of these communities signed a statement urging AI researchers to collaborate with ethicists and religious leaders to ensure an ethical approach to the use of AI. 

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