Best AI Songs to Add to Your Summer Playlist

Artificial intelligence has crept into the music industry, and although this opens Pandora's box of legal and ethical issues, AI music is undoubtedly a new trend. Musicians are using AI to generate otherwise impossible new music sung by either musical legends, their favorite movie stars, or even cartoon characters.
Although questionable, millions of YouTube views and positive comments show that AI music is, after all, entertaining and widely appreciated. So, we went down this rabbit hole to see what the hype is all about and brought back our top picks that you’ll soon start playing on repeat.

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AI song convers

Illustration: L. T.

Bring Me to Life – Eric Cartman Cover

“Bring Me to Life” is a timeless classic and Evanescence’s most popular single to this date. The AI version of the song sung by Eric Cartman, a fictional South Park character, is clean and perfectly mimics Cartman’s voice while portraying Cartman in an entirely new light.

The song cover sounds as if Cartman’s voice was waiting impatiently to reveal itself to the world, and we’re here for it. The person behind this cover did a great job at highlighting the rasp in Cartman’s voice, which is what, in our opinion, makes the song so addictive. It’s unbelievable how a memeable song cover can bring up so many emotions and take you back to your teenage angst years.

I Feel It Coming – Michel Jackson

Michael Jackson has over 36 million monthly listeners on Spotify, so it’s safe to say that the King of Pop is not forgotten. Although Jackson left many breathtaking hits as a part of his legacy, this AI-generated cover that merges the past with the present is a fresh masterpiece many are yet to appreciate.  

So, if you’re a Michael Jackson fan, the “I Feel It Coming” cover is another banger to add to your playlist.

Somebody That I Used to Know – Kanye ft. Playboy Carti

The program used in the making of this cover is so unbelievably accurate that you can feel the strain in Carti’s voice as he “tries” to sing the chorus. The huskiness will scratch an itch on your brain, making you wish that your favorite rappers experimented more with different genres.  

Someone Like You – Kanye

Apparently, AI music creators are obsessed with Kanye, so here we have another unexpected AI cover of Adele’s famous song, “Someone Like You,” sung by this controversial artist. What’s great about this cover is that it showcases AI’s capability of mimicking a person’s voice. In this cover, Kanye’s voice is subtly cracking on high notes, as it would if he were to release a cover of this song since he can’t sing in soprano range like Adele.

Kill Bill – Ariana Grande

Kill Bill is arguably the most popular song on SZA’s latest album, so it’s no wonder the song has found its way into the realm of AI-generated covers. The version sung by Ariana Grande recently blew up on TikTok, giving both SZA and Ariana’s fans a perfect musical combo that complements SZA’s songwriting skills and Ariana’s vocal range.

Zombie – Plankton

Sigh. Why is this not bad? Why is Plankton’s voice so perfect for this cover? Why does it sound like he was crying his eyes out before recording this? We have so many questions.

This cover takes the listener through a range of feelings, and if you remember Plankton’s tragic story as the main antagonist in the Sponge Bob franchise, this will make it even more heartfelt. It’s raw, it’s beautiful, and you must give it a try.

People are losing their minds over Plankton AI covers, so here’s another gem that will make you question your music taste. This one is not as intense as the previous one, though.

This isn’t the cover we wanted, but it’s certainly the one we needed.