Babe, it’s 7 pm; Time to Make Chlorine Gas for Dinner

Do you remember the Molotov cocktail controversy or biased outputs during ChatGPT’s earliest stages?
Well, this fiasco is far from over.
A meal bot powered by AI is handing out questionable recipes to users, including detailed instructions for making chlorine gas and human-meat delicacies.

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What Is Pak’nSave Meal-bot?

Cooking a nutritious and tasty meal can seem like a mission impossible when you only have a couple of ingredients sitting in the fridge. A New Zealand supermarket chain Pak’nSave has tried utilizing AI to solve this issue. With its Savey Meal-bot, users can list at least three available ingredients, and the bot is supposed to deliver a decent recipe based on users’ prompts.

Although this seems like a noble idea that could save users time and money by delivering simple and easy-to-follow recipes, the AI-powered app is far from useful.

As a matter of fact, this bot has been handing out dangerous meal-prep instructions that could lead to terrible consequences if followed.

Is the Savey Meal-bot Safe?

The app first became famous for generating unappealing recipes. But the silly competition among users to create the least appealing recipe quickly revealed the app’s notorious nature. New Zealand political commentator Liam Hehir shared on Twitter (are we really okay with “X” now?) that he asked the bot to develop a recipe using nothing but water, ammonia, and bleach. The bot didn’t hesitate to deliver a recipe for an appealing “aromatic water mix,” which would make chlorine gas.

The “aromatic water” was described as the perfect nonalcoholic beverage to quench your thirst and refresh your senses.” How lovely.


Source: Pak’nSave

The supermarket chain distanced itself from responsibility by informing users that humans do not review the recipes and that the meal suggestions may not be suitable for consumption.


By using Savey Meal-bot you agree to our terms of use and confirm that you are at least 18 years old. Savey Meal-bot uses a generative artificial intelligence to create recipes, which are not reviewed by a human being. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we make no representations as to the accuracy, relevance or reliability of the recipe content that is generated, including that portion sizes will be appropriate for consumption or that any recipe will be a complete or balanced meal, or suitable for consumption. You must use your own judgment before relying on or making any recipe produced by Savey Meal-bot.

Furthermore, a spokesperson for Pak’nSave spoke to The Guardian and expressed the company’s disappointment that “a small minority have tried to use the tool inappropriately and not for its intended purpose.” However, if the bot is prone to producing faulty and dangerous outputs, why did Pak’nSave make it available to the public?

The use of low-quality data is bound to have ramifications. Businesses like Pak’nSave shouldn’t play with AI unless they’re ready to invest in research and testing before releasing the final product.

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