Top Web 3.0 Conferences and Events of 2023

Conversations around Web 3.0 are always welcome, and with that in mind, 2023 will be an excellent year to step up your game or enter the Web 3.0 space. We can expect dozens of Web 3.0 conferences and events this year, ranging from events for newbies to more serious players looking for ways to expand their knowledge.

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Web 3.0 events 2023

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Best Blockchain and Crypto Events in 2023 

Of course, 2023 brings both in-person and virtual events, allowing people from all over the world to attend live events or join from the comfort of their homes. That said, here are the most compelling Web 3.0 conferences and events worth checking out in 2023! 

NFT events 2023

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MetaV Summit 

  • Where: Dubai, UAE 
  • When: 11 – 12 January 2023 
  • Event Type: In-person, virtual 
  • Entry fee: at the time of writing: $149 – $1,499  
  • Included benefits: depending on the ticket type, some of the perks are access to the summit, exhibition halls, and networking areas, meet-and-greet, post-event interactive analytics report, an invitation to the post-event party 

Metaverse lovers can enjoy a 2-day summit held in the most populous city in the UAE for a relatively affordable price. Luckily, premium tickets offer attendees to join the event’s live stream, so you don’t have to spend a fortune traveling to the most expensive city in the Gulf.  

Panel discussions with speakers such as Alaa Mohra, a social media influencer, Dr. Zayed Al Hemairy, a blockchain & crypto advisor, and other prominent speakers will cover a range of topics, starting from Web 3.0 vs. Web 2.0 to Metaverse and its potential. 

Furthermore, MetaV Summit will be all about: 

  • Preparation for the Metaverse revolution 
  • Creating business relationships with other Web 3.0 enthusiasts 
  • Discussions about the necessary upgrade from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 

World Crypto Conference 2023 

  • Where: Switzerland 
  • When: 13 – 15 January 2023 
  • Event Type: In-person 
  • Entry fee: $499.99 – $2,499.99 
  • Included benefits: 3-day conference and, depending on your pass, networking with speakers, party attendance, lunch breaks, luxury networking events 

The World Crypto conference 2023 aims to pave the way for crypto enthusiasts from all walks of life to connect and share their knowledge of the Web 3.0 world. The event will also bring DeFi, traditional finance, and Metaverse institutions closer, helping professionals from different sectors build an unstoppable community.  

The World Crypto Conference will have 3,000 participants, which is just another good reason to attend the event. You’ll be able to hear from the CEO of the Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaard, founder and CEO of Cavario, Mark Banner, traders, NFT consultants, and many other valuable contributors. And if you choose premium or other luxurious passes, expect great after-parties, too.  

Some of the topics covered at this conference will be: 

  • Investment strategies for crypto assets 
  • The real value of the Metaverse market 
  • Getting started with NFT minting  

So, secure your spot if you want to learn about these topics, as the World Crypto Conference in Switzerland is one of the most promising events to attend in 2023.  

TMRW Conference

  • Where: Dubai, UAE 
  • When: 8 – 10 February 2023
  • Event Type: In-person, virtual
  • Entry fee: $299 – $2,199
  • Included benefits: access to exhibitions and speaking sessions, giveaways participation, free NFTs, networking opportunities, food and beverage, etc.

TMRW Conference in Dubai is just the first segment of the TMRW events in 2023. That said, the first TMRW Conference will be held in Dubai from the 8th to the 10th of February, and we can expect dates for the other two events held in Barcelona and Belgrade to be released soon. 

Regardless of which of these locations you visit, the TMRW Conference will be your one-stop shop for Metaverse, NFT, and Crypto-related topics. The event will focus on the future of decentralization, the impact of European Cypto-Asset regulation on the economy, and energy consumption in the crypto world. You’ll also hear reputable speakers talk about the following topics:

  • NFTs and how to use them
  • NFTs and cancel culture 
  • Healthcare in Metaverse  

Metaverse Enterprise Expo 

  • Where: Miami, Florida, USA 
  • When: 14 -17 February 2023 
  • Event Type: In-person 
  • Entry fee: at the time of writing: $149 – $2,599 
  • Included benefits: access to workshops, training, networking receptions, meals, visits to the expo hall, etc. 

Metaverse is all about the future, right? It’s here, and we can observe the progress made in this field, but it still has a long way to go before it becomes a revolutionary technology. Well, the Metaverse Enterprise Expo is a must-visit event if you’re curious to learn in which direction this technology is going.  

Still, Metaverse Enterprise Expo will focus on other topics, including crypto, cyber security, and business management, so even if you aren’t a big Metaverse fan, you’ll definitely find a panel discussion that covers the subjects you’re interested in.  

Metaverse Enterprise Expo focus points: 

  • Merging businesses and crypto 
  • Strategies for hybrid work 
  • Metaverse and its impact  
  • Cyber security in hybrid work environments 

European Blockchain Convention  

  • Where: Barcelona 
  • When: 15 – 17 February 2023 
  • Event Type: In-person 
  • Entry fee: at the time of writing: $360 – $829 
  • Included benefits: depending on the ticket, some of the included benefits are networking drinks, refreshments, access to all live content, an AI networking app, and more. 

European Blockchain Convention will feature over 200 speakers, from inventors and developers to start-ups and Web 3.0 enthusiasts. The convention is oriented around the Web 3.0 space, meaning you can expect conversations related to blockchain, crypto, DeFi, and NFT development.  

If you happen to attend the convention, don’t miss out on the EBC Blockchain Awards finale, which will pay tribute to the 100 best early stage blockchain start-ups in Europe. Some of the nominees are Quasar Labs, Rated Network, and Neol, and if I were you, I wouldn’t skip the winner announcement.  

Speakers at the European Blockchain Convention will cover the following topics: 

  • Insurance of digital assets 
  • Metaverse and gaming 
  • Infrastructure for institutional crypto adoption 
  • Building Web 3.0 
Crypto events 2023

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Global Virtual MarTech Summit 

  • Where: Virtual 
  • When: 22 February 2023 
  • Event Type: Virtual 
  • Entry fee: at the time of writing: $0,00 – $59 
  • Included benefits: networking, access to all live sessions, live Q&A, access to online materials, etc. 

Are you a digital marketer? 

If so, Global Virtual MarTech Summit will help you further develop your social media strategies and help you improve brand awareness. With premium tickets, you will have access to online materials for three months after the event, allowing you to revisit the key points and step up your digital marketing game like a pro.  

The Global Virtual MarTech summit speakers will explore concepts such as: 

  • App push notifications and their effect on ROI 
  • Using AI to optimize push notifications 
  • How to effectively track social media trends 

NFT Paris 

  • Where: Paris, France 
  • When: 24 – 25 February 2023 
  • Event Type: In-person 
  • Entry fee: at the time of writing: $53 – $375+ 
  • Included benefits: networking, access to events, special discount for holding specific NFT collections  

NFT Paris is the biggest and most prominent annual NFT-oriented conference. The world’s NFT meeting will be held at Grand Palais, and it will gather NFT enthusiasts, brands, NFT creators, and those who want to join this growing community for a one-of-a-kind journey into NFT-industry development.  

Speakers such as Greg Solano, co-founder of Yuga Labs, and Ivan Soto-Wright, CEO of MoonPay, will make an appearance at the NFT Paris event. At the moment, the official NFT Paris website doesn’t feature the roadmap of the event, but we expect the event speakers to cover groundbreaking topics. 


  • Where: Miami, Florida, USA 
  • When: February 27 – March 5, 2023 
  • Event Type: In-person 
  • Entry fee: at the time of writing: $149 – $399 
  • Included benefits: 3-day access to events, complimentary refreshments, and invite-only after-party 

Here we have another must-attend Metaverse event that will shine some light on Metaverse, Web 3.0 marketing, NFTs, and AI. Expoverse is organized so that it allows people with different interests to attend various events and panel discussions that will answer their questions about these emerging technologies.  

Not only is attending Expoverse affordable, but the event is happening right after the Metaverse Enterprise Expo. According to their website, this year’s Expoverse event will take you on an immersive journey full of events, parties, live music, and networking opportunities, so consider putting it on your 2023 to-do list.  

Among many other exciting topics, Expoverse speakers will focus on these main areas: 

  • Trademarks and NFTs 
  • Blockchain and its potential to end corruption 
  • A brand’s journey into the metaverse 
  • Evolution of AI 

Paris Blockchain Week 

  • Where: Paris, France 
  • When: 20 – 24 March 2023 
  • Event Type: In-person 
  • Entry fee: at the time of writing: $427 – $9,503  
  • Included benefits: PBWS networking app, Web3XP exhibition floor, Web3XP NFT art exhibitions, French food & drinks 

The beginning of spring brings us another blockchain convention held in the famous city of light. Paris Blockchain Week is made up of workshops, exhibitions, and networking events that will allow over 400 speakers and 10,000+ attendees to discuss all things blockchain and crypto.  

Jean-Noël Barrot, French Minister for digital transition and telecommunications, Stephane Kasriel, head of commerce and financial technologies at Meta, and Steve Huffman, the CEO of Reddit, are recognizable speakers at PBW. But we can expect other like-minded individuals to share their stories and ideas at this convention, too.  

Consider attending if you want to learn about: 

  • Web 3.0 marketing 
  • Investing in Web 3.0 
  • Web 3.0 art and economy 
Metaverse events 2023

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Adobe Summit 

  • Where: LA, Nevada, USA or Virtual  
  • When: 21 – 23 March 2023 
  • Event Type: Virtual 
  • Entry fee: at the time of writing: $0,00 for the virtual event, up to USD $2,095 for the in-person event 
  • Included benefits: access to keynotes, hands-on labs, sessions, evening events, etc 

Whether you attend the event in person or online, Adobe Summit will be worth your time. As a digital marketer, growing your skills and following the trends is essential, which is what the Adobe Summit is all about.  

Still, this summit is for IT and marketing executives, digital marketers, data scientists, and pretty much everyone who wants to elevate their digital marketing knowledge. The sessions will explore B2B marketing, collaborative work management, customer insights, and performance-driving content. In addition to that, expect to learn about: 

  • Content as digital marketing fuel 
  • Creating content that improves customer experience 
  • Driving real-time insights and analyzing customer data 

Wow Summit

  • Where: Hong Kong, China 
  • When: 29 – 30 March 2023
  • Event Type: In-person
  • Entry fee: $249 – $1,299
  • Included benefits: exhibition and conference access, coffee break area pass, networking opportunities, and closing party tickets for VIP ticket holders. 

WOW Summit is a series of Web 3.0 gatherings for like-minded individuals to meet and expand their horizons by learning about Web 3.0 from industry specialists. Not only is this an excellent networking opportunity but attending the summit will open doors to the latest Web 3.0 innovations and projects, making WOW Summit one of the most anticipated events of 2023. 

The summit will welcome innovative startups, NFT art, the talented people behind it, and ideas that will make Web 3.0 flourish and prosper. Additionally, the event features over 150 influential speakers and over 100 exhibitors, allowing you to attend discussions and join conversations that spark your interest. 

Reasons to attend:

  • Lots of networking opportunities
  • Option to attend the Business Expo
  • NFT art show


  • Where: Austin, Texas 
  • When: 26 – 28 April 2023 
  • Event Type: In-person 
  • Entry fee: at the time of writing: $1,199 – $9,000 ($189 for a student pass) 
  • Included benefits: opportunities to grow and learn from professionals in the Web 3.0 field, commemorative NFT (with Piranha pass only), and student and group discounts.  

Consensus by CoinDesk is the largest and most influential crypto event of the year. The people behind the convention always know how to bring the Web 3.0 community closer, and many expect great outcomes from this event, too.  

But what makes the event worth your attendance? 

For starters, developers, entrepreneurs, creators, and recognized niche experts will go on a 3-day long journey to share with the world how Web 3.0 can rise and shine at its full potential.  

Attending Consensus will also pave the way to new, meaningful connections. The exciting workshops CoinDesk prepared for you will help you sharpen your skills and elevate your knowledge about all things crypto.  

Some of the topics discussed at Consensus are related to: 

  • NFTs in the entertainment industry 
  • Newest developments in the crypto world 
  • Opportunities in the DeFi world 


  • Where: Hamburg, Germany 
  • When: 28 – 30 June 2023 
  • Event Type: In-person, virtual 
  • Entry fee: at the time of writing: $106 – $6,399  
  • Included benefits: virtual attendance, networking night, afterglow party, access to exhibition and food areas, virtual conference networking app   

Blockchance is undoubtedly one of Europe’s largest blockchain-related events, and this year it will welcome roughly 8,000 attendees and over 250 speakers. The main stage, accommodating 3,000+ people, will feature prominent speakers, including Michael Saylor, Joseph Lubin, and Raoul Pal.  

Blockchance aims to introduce people to a sustainable future achievable through Web 3.0 technologies. The convention also supports new businesses and projects that emphasize having an impact on society, the environment, and education. 

Some of the most interesting Blockchance 2023 focus topics are: 

  • The energy industry and sustainable minting  
  • Metaverse, NFTs, and virtual reality 
  • Law and regulation in Web 3.0 spaces 
  • Blockchain gaming  

Final Words 

Watching the Web 3.0 community grow is beyond exciting. More and more people are interested in crypto and NFTs or are exploring the Metaverse terrains. If only a fraction of Web 3.0 enthusiasts shows up to the upcoming events, the hosts will inevitably have their hands full, and we’ll be one step closer to understanding and embracing Web 3.0.  

Note: Keep in mind that this is not the complete list of our top Web 3.0 events for 2023. Once information about other Web 3.0 events goes public, we’ll make sure to give you an update!  

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