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Web Mind is an independent digital media resource (project) that brings you the most current, accurate and relevant news from the
centralized (web 2.0) and decentralized (web 3.0) worlds every day.

Our passionate team covers a broad range of news and trending up-to-date stories about Web 3.0, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, NFT and crypto gaming assets, metaverses and
emerging tech trends, and covers gaming, AR/VR, AI and Cybersecurity.

Our passion is to provide unbiased information, comprehensive analytics, insightful opinion pieces, and regular reports on social transformations that digital technology and the tech world bring,
along with detailed and comprehensive charts and graphics.

We also believe that the decentralized digital universe will continue to expand exponentially and become an integral component of our daily lives.

With the technological advances occurring in fields like AI, VR. nanotech, quantum computing, as well as an increasing number of entrepreneurs, consumers, and businesses adopting blockchaintechnology in daily life, our mission is to inform, educate, and share valuable information.

But more than this, we work to help educate and inform our readers about the digital revolution and its many advantages.


Lazar Jovanović


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Natalija Benać

Business Dev. Manager

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Content Writer

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Content Writer

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Community Manager

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Ivana Ehrensvard

Web3 Enthusiast

Strahinja Mavrenski

Attorney at law

Helped in Development

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Editor in Chief

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Graphic Designer