Not Too Active on Ubisoft? Your Account May Be Deleted

Ubisoft has recently implemented a policy of deleting inactive accounts and the games associated with them. If you have a collection of games sitting in your Ubisoft account, it's crucial to take action and safeguard your account before it's too late.

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Illustration: Lenka T.

A Twitter user, PC_enjoyer, shared a legitimate email from Ubisoft, stating that their inactive account was temporarily suspended and scheduled for permanent closure in 30 days, in accordance with the Terms of Use. If you’re in the same boat as this Ubisoft user, the same thing may happen to your account too.  

However, the good news is that you can prevent this from happening. Simply log into your Ubisoft account within the next 30 days and click on the “Cancel Account Closure” link provided in the email. By doing so, you’ll retain access to your account and the games you’ve acquired. 

Ubisoft’s verified support team has also chimed in, reassuring players that following the steps mentioned in the email will ensure the safety of their accounts and games. In case you encounter any difficulties logging in, the support team encourages you to create a support case for assistance. 

Not everyone was lucky

Unfortunately, some players in the post’s comments were unable to rescue their accounts in time. Due to this, they lost not only their Ubisoft accounts but also the games they had purchased. One user mentioned that their account was lost because they didn’t act in time. Another couldn’t access the email address linked to their account due to the email service’s closure. This prevented them from changing it. 

Ubisoft invited these affected players to seek help in recovering their accounts. The company has clarified that they are “not closing active accounts,” although the exact frequency of logins required to maintain an account’s “active” status remains uncertain. 

To avoid any potential loss of your Ubisoft account and games, make sure to log in within the specified 30-day period and follow the instructions in the email to cancel the account closure. If you encounter any issues or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ubisoft’s support team for assistance. Protect your gaming investments and continue enjoying the Ubisoft experience hassle-free. 

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