Nono Crossing Picture Nonogram: Unraveling the Enchanting World of this Addictive Mobile Puzzle Game, One Pixel at a Time

Nono Crossing Picture Nonogram is a popular and highly-rated puzzle game that has captured the attention of both Android and iOS users. Available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, this engaging game has received high ratings and numerous positive reviews from players who enjoy its challenging puzzles and captivating gameplay. The game comes courtesy of an independent game development studio, Two Desperados, which is known for its hit titles Woka Woka and Viola’s Quest. These two titles amassed over 30 million players worldwide. Can they repeat the same success with their latest outing into the fun world of puzzles? Let’s see!

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Illustration: Two Desperados

Gameplay and Mechanics 

Nonograms, also known as Hanjie, Paint by Numbers, Picross, Griddlers, and Pic-a-Pix, are picture logic puzzles where players must color or leave cells blank in a grid according to numbers at the side of the grid to reveal a hidden pixel art-like picture. Nono Crossing Picture Nonogram takes this concept and offers an enjoyable gaming experience for puzzle enthusiasts. 

nono crossing

Tutorial puzzles. Source: GooglePlayStore 

In Nono Crossing, players solve puzzles by uncovering pictures through logical deduction. Varying difficulty levels are available for those that are either looking to relax and play at their own pace or for those that are competitive and like to challenge themselves.   

While many nonogram games share similar mechanics, Nono Crossing sets itself apart with its unique features and engaging gameplay that keeps players coming back for more.  

The Standard mode offers classic gameplay, where players must figure out the puzzle by filling in the correct squares on the grid. Fun daily events are also present as a way to motivate players to log back in to play a new challenge or a new level. Solving each puzzle, will propel you to the next level, once you finish a set of levels, you will be able to move throughout the Nono world to help, Nonos have a brighter future.  

nono crossing

Unlock more modes as you solve puzzles. Source: Nono Crossing in-game  

Overall, Nono Crossing Picture Nonogram provides an engaging and enjoyable experience for puzzle enthusiasts. With its unique features, varied difficulty levels, and fun game modes, Nono Crossing stands out from other nonogram games and offers something new to the genre. 

nono crossing

Unique gameplay mechanics. Source: GooglePlayStore 

Graphics and Design 

Nono Crossing offers a visually stunning experience with its inviting palette and carefully crafted elements that enhance the gameplay. Not to mention the first-rate quality of the images and puzzles, sure to give players a rewarding feeling of success as they conquer each challenge.  

The game’s UI is simple and straightforward, enabling gamers to focus on the puzzles without any disruptions. Additionally, the soundtrack accompanying the game creates a delightful ambiance and furnishes the perfect backdrop music while playing. Keep in mind that music is tied to personal preferences, as the only negative comments on the game relate to music. Namely, a couple of users claimed that the music is repetitive, but once you’re engrossed in the puzzles, the fun tunes will fade into the background, and you will be left scrambling to make another move to solve the puzzle.   

User Experience 

Nono Crossing Picture Nonogram has been widely applauded by players for its engrossing gameplay, daunting puzzles, and captivating design. Many reviews have emphasized the game’s capability to offer hours of amusement while exercising the brain. However, a few players have remarked on some possible improvements, such as adding more puzzles or a range of difficulty levels to suit a broader spectrum of players. The development team is working diligently on this, according to the latest updates on the Google App Store.  

nono crossing

Announcement for new levels. Source: GooglePlayStore 

In spite of this, the game has achieved a remarkable 4.7 rating on the iOS App Store from 1,915 reviews as well as a 5-star ratings, affirming its widespread approval amongst players. Summing up, Nono Crossing Picture Nonogram offers an entertaining and stimulating user experience that all puzzle enthusiasts will relish, regardless of their age. 

Accessibility and Compatibility 

Nono Crossing Picture Nonogram is available on both Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to a variety of users. Compatible with numerous devices and operating systems, this game allows players to enjoy it regardless of their device preferences. Plus, Nono Crossing includes accessibility features and options for diverse player needs, further increasing its appeal.  

From beginner to expert, there are various difficulty levels for players of all abilities to enjoy and sharpen their problem-solving abilities. For users that are not connected to the internet at all times, the game offers offline play, which sets it apart from other competitors.  


If you’re a fan of puzzles and in search of an exhilarating challenge, Nono Crossing Picture Nonogram is the perfect game for you. Featuring gorgeous graphics, intuitive controls, and tons of positive reviews, it’s sure to keep you captivated for hours. The aim of the game is to move the pieces from one side of the board to the other without repeating any lines – a task that may sound daunting at first, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it with some helpful hints along the way. It seems that Two Desperados managed to create yet another addictive game for the masses. So, what are you waiting for? Give Nono Crossing Picture Nonogram a try – an unforgettable puzzle experience awaits! 

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