EA Working on Largest Pipeline of Games in Its 41-Year History

Electronic Arts is apparently working on the largest pipeline of new games in the publisher's multi-decade history, including new re-imagined Battlefield. Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson affirms the publisher is working on its biggest-ever pipeline of video games, live services, and content.

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Credits: EA

EA’s latest Q1 FY24 earnings call offered more insight into the company’s future plans. Following the digital surge during COVID-19, EA has leaned more strongly into online-based experiences that churn out billions of dollars in microtransactions. The publisher is now adhering to creating Games-as-a-Platform, a new-ish concept that attaches multiple biz models around a specific title. 

The idea is to treat EA’s biggest franchises as an ecosystem of products, services, and experiences. EA still plans to release singleplayer-only games with strong storytelling–Jedi Fallen Order’s success helped change how EA sees these games–and the new Dragon Age was given as an example. 

To start executing on this plan, EA is currently working on a giant list of new games that spans across live services like Apex and FIFA, community-driven creation like The Sims and Skate, and story-driven games like Dragon Age. 

“To do more extraordinary things for our people, players, and communities, our teams are building the strongest pipeline in the history of EA to drive multi-year growth. Over the next few years, we will launch numerous experiences that grow and deepen the fandom of our legendary IP,” Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson said during the EA Q1 FY24 earnings call. 

“Our multi-year targeted investments towards our biggest opportunities and include global titles like blockbuster storytelling from Dragon Age, incredible skateboarding gameplay and social connection from Skate, and a revival of EA Sports college football that celebrates the action, culture, and tradition of the sport like never before.” 

Wilson went on to briefly discuss The Sims 5 and a re-imagining of Battlefield, which likely means a new game mode that is released simultaneously across consoles, PC, and mobiles. Then there’s Apex Legends mobile and possibly another title in development at Respawn. 

“We’re also hard at work at a new experience from the Sims that will transform what players can do for creativity, a sprawling action-adventure Iron Man game, a re-imagination of Battlefield as a truly connected ecosystem, and the expansion of the Apex Legends universe across platforms, geographies, and modalities of play.” 

“The most recent reveal of our Black Panther project, set in a massive explorable universe, marks the latest chapter of EA’s collaboration with Disney and the Marvel games team. 

“To drive player investment and deliver return for our shareholders, we will build unrivaled IP-driven platforms that entertain massive online communities, to continue to tell blockbuster stories, and amplify the power of community in and around our games. 

“Being thoughtful and deliberate around feature sets, launch timing, and quality will lead to long-term profitability as we invest in our vision and lead the future of entertainment.” 

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