Battle Royale: PC Gaming vs. Console – Which One to Opt For

Similar to the ongoing debate among music lovers over the superiority of wired earbuds versus wireless ones, gamers find themselves locked in a perpetual struggle to determine the ultimate gaming platform: PC or console.

Whether you indulge in gaming for leisure or strive for a competitive edge, you'll inevitably face the choice between a personal computer (PC) and a console. However, this decision is far from straightforward, as each gaming system presents its own set of pros and cons.

Luckily, we got your back. If you ever find yourself grappling with the choice between PC gaming and console, we're here to dissect each aspect of the debate.

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For gaming enthusiasts, the question of PC vs. console gaming is much like the never-ending debate of which is older, the chicken or the egg. This hair-raising question will inevitably lead to an acrimonious dispute, as both sides have more than strong feelings about it.  

Console die-hard fans remain steadfast in their loyalty to their much-loved PS5 or X Box Series X/S. On the flipside, PC gamers don’t mince words in humiliatingly dissing anyone who doesn’t game on a PC.  

As someone seeking to step into the realm of gaming, you may find yourself dazed and confused, wondering who to side with. So, which side is right? 

The truth is, neither. Both console and PC gaming are unique, with their own advantages and disadvantages. To choose between the two, it’s best to compare them, check out their pluses and minuses, and most importantly, select the one that suits your gaming needs best.  

Remember, the paramount goal is to enjoy the game, not to fight over your choice and trying to persuade others it’s the ultimate one. After all, there is a plausible reason why there are two completely divergent platforms to game on. 

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Mihajlo Džaril, CEO of Fortuna Esports, an esports company from Serbia, is here to help you make up your mind.  

WebMind: What are the advantages of PC gaming over console gaming, and vice versa? 

Mihajlo Džaril: PC gaming allows for playing complex games due to its flexibility and practically unlimited capacities. Simply put, some games perform much better when played with a keyboard and mouse than with a joystick. PC gaming also enables you to use various tools that support the game, as well as to multitask.  

Consoles are now receiving exclusive games, and those games are typically better optimized for consoles due to their hardware uniformity. 

WebMind: What PC gaming features are attractive for gamers? What about consoles? 

Mihajlo Džaril: With a PC, you can always stay up to date with the latest hardware. Consoles, on the other hand, receive updates every few years. A PC can be fully customized according to your needs and possibilities, whereas consoles are a ready-made product.  


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Still, it can be quite challenging for an average consumer to assemble an optimal PC on their own. In case of consoles, there always is a guarantee that all games will be tailored to them. 

WebMind: What are the greatest challenges and drawbacks of PC gaming which could affect the playing experience? What are the biggest disadvantages of consoles? 

Mihajlo Džaril: The major issue that PC gaming faces is game optimization. Every PC is built differently, which makes it challenging to create a game that will run seamlessly on every single machine. An even greater problem occurs when a game is released simultaneously for both PC and consoles. Its performance on consoles is generally favored due to easier optimization. 

Ironically enough, the biggest advantage of consoles is their greatest drawback. Some games simply cannot be created or adapted for consoles because of their design or complexity. 

WebMind: Financially speaking, what investments does PC gaming require compared to consoles? 

Mihajlo Džaril: PC gaming generally requires a much larger financial investment, both during the initial purchase and throughout the upgrades as time goes on. 

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Consoles are a more cost-effective choice in the long run because you can be confident that the model will remain current for at least several years. 

WebMind: How does PC gaming differ from its console counterpart regarding support for distinct game genres? 

Mihajlo Džaril: Each game genre and subgenre has a platform that offers a better and higher-quality gaming experience. 

Everyone knows that sports simulations perform faultlessly on consoles, while shooting games excel on PCs. Generally speaking, anything that requires precision or demands paying attention will have a better performance on PCs. On the other hand, whatever is based on mechanics and linearity will be more impressive on consoles. 

"Ever tried. Ever failed. Never mind. Try again. Fail better."

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