Redefining E-Commerce With Artificial Intelligence

Under the motto "Redefining E-commerce: A(I) New Era!" on November 14, the sixth annual e-commerce conference will be held at the National Opera and Ballet in Skopje, North Macedonia. The conference is of a regional character and is organized by the Macedonian E-commerce Association.

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Redefining E-commerce: A(I) New Era

Source: Macedonian E-commerce Association

Redefining E-commerce: A(I) New Era

The conference this year will be held in its largest regional edition – expecting 600+ guests from the whole Balkan region, with a completely new concept and a new location, directing the focus to the new era in human living – harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, which has recently experienced its rise, changing the rules of the game in e-commerce and is redefining and transforming the entire industry.

The organizers, as in previous years, announced a high-quality program filled with numerous distinguished international and domestic speakers.

This year, in addition to the traditional presentation of the review of the e-commerce analysis report for North Macedonia and the region, the focus of the program will also be:

  • the importance of data, marketing, and artificial intelligence as a support for a successful e-commerce business;
  • the impact of marketplace platforms in the e-commerce sector;
  • the importance of a seamless experience with online payments and cross-border delivery of online orders, as well as
  • ways for e-tailers to improve the user experience for online shoppers.

We are proud that the e-commerce conference is becoming more recognizable and is considered one of the largest and most visited business conferences for e-commerce in the region. After 5 successfully realized editions, this year we are making significant improvements in the organization, representing the new era of e-commerce. The conference will offer a wide range of knowledge, ideas, and practical skills, which will support and guide entrepreneurs and enterprises to cope with modern challenges in the digital age. With a focus on participants, this year we expect the conference to be the largest and most successful regional edition so far, bringing together leading companies, innovators, and experts in e-commerce and enabling them to build meaningful partnerships and expand their business horizons.

Said AETM representatives.

By the way, last year, the e-commerce conference hosted more than 500 participants from 150 companies, organizations, universities, and government institutions from the country and the region, and 30 speakers from 10 countries had their presentations.

The “Early Bird tickets” for attending the conference, which are in large numbers, are already on sale until the 15th of September.

More information about the speakers, the agenda, and all other details related to the conference will follow soon and will be continuously updated and available at:

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