Top 5 AI Video Editing Apps

For a couple of years already, with the expansion of TikTok and its influence on other platforms, video has become the dominant medium. It has become inevitable for both individuals and businesses, providing a plethora of ways to express yourself, stand out in an authentic way, but also to become viral, even if you’re a small, local brand.
On the other hand, precisely because it’s become a necessity, videos are a hassle to many – their responsibilities are already stacked and it’s anything but easy to record and edit a video.
That’s where AI video editing apps come in – to make it easier, faster and much better than you could do it.

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Illustration: Lenka T.

In this article, we’ll present you with a list of the 5 most prominently used AI video editing apps that are supposed to help you in your video creation process. We tried to cover apps that differ in advantages and applications so that each user can find something to their preference. 

Considering that we’re talking about AI apps for mobile devices here, we assume you’ll most probably be using them for social media content. However, even if there are readers who’d like to test these apps for more ambitious projects, like editing music videos or short films, we’re positive that these apps will suit their needs as well. 

Adobe Premiere Pro 

Powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe Premiere Pro is revolutionizing the video editing landscape with the seamless integration of AI technology, redefining the way content creators approach their projects. 

You’ll find these features most useful: 

  • Color Match – Effortlessly synchronize colors between two video clips by selecting a clip to edit and a reference clip in the Lumetri Color panel, enabling Face Detection for precise skin tone matching, and applying automatic adjustments with the option to fine-tune as required. 
  • Morph Cut – To enhance the flow and continuity of interviews and talking head videos with multiple jump cuts, use the Morph Cut transition from the Effects panel, utilizing face tracking and optical flow interpolation for a seamless, high-quality video appearance that eliminates awkward pauses and choppy editing. 
  • Scene Edit Detection – Automates the process of cutting longer videos into original shorter clips, saving you time and effort; simply right-click a clip on your timeline, choose Scene Edit Detection, and select your preferred option for adding cuts, creating sub-clips, or placing clip markers at each cut point. 
  • Auto Reframe – Instantly identifies the focal point of action in your shots and keeps it visible while converting horizontal 16:9 video footage into a tall 9:16 aspect ratio, eliminating the need for time-consuming keyframe motion edits and making it convenient for sharing on social media platforms with square or tall aspect ratios. 

And more. 

According to official statements, Adobe’s commitment to integrating AI into Premiere Pro has a goal of opening up a world of possibilities for video editors. By harnessing the power of AI, creators can focus more on their creative vision and storytelling, while the software takes care of the technical complexities. 


Magisto presents itself as a go-to marketing video editing tool, built precisely to empower brands to embrace video content, guaranteeing a hassle-free workflow. Moreover, they point out the results are not generic, but rather personalized and appropriate to how you defined your brand. 

Basically, it works on user prompts and the technology enables the whole process to be quick, smooth, impressive, without requiring any prior knowledge of video editing. 

In other words, it’s ideal for businesses and complete beginners. The only thing you need are brand guidelines. 

Magisto AI video editor works like this: 

  1. Upload your marketing videos and photos; 
  2. Choose one of unique marketing editing styles and soundtracks from library; 
  3. AI-powered professional video maker will analyze and edit your next marketing video. 

To put it briefly, Magisto adds custom branding, graphics, effects and captions so you can make professional looking marketing videos. 

Another advantage to using this tool is their knowledge base. On their website, you can find plenty of useful advice and marketing tactics that are up to date, straight to the point attainable. 


Clipchamp may be a less known video editor but it’s definitely worth mentioning because they’ve implemented important AI features and continue to experiment in the field. 

The impression we got is that Clipchamp wants to make video editing as easy and approachable as possible. They don’t want to create a complex, high-end product; quite the opposite. 

These are AI features they’ve introduced so far: 

  • Text-to-speech – Create engaging TikTok trends or professional business videos effortlessly with the versatile AI voiceover maker from Clipchamp, offering 400 lifelike AI voices in multiple languages, adjustable voice styles, pitches, and the choice of neutral, feminine, or masculine tones to perfectly match your video requirements. 
  • Auto Captions – Enhance video accessibility and engagement using smart auto-captions, generating accurate captions in 140 languages with a secure voice detection technology, while customizing font style, color, alignment, and size to perfectly complement your video content. 
  • Speaker coach – Gain real-time feedback on every camera recording to become a confident and engaging speaker, allowing you to check the pace and pitch of your speech, re-record as needed, identify and eliminate filler words for a more impactful presentation. 

From the above, you can see they decided to focus on less represented features, in comparison to other AI video editors. That way, they’re filling in the gaps that more known apps have overseen. 

In addition to that, they’ve announced they plan to include AI audio enhancements in the near future as well. 

And finally, if you prefer to approach new apps like a nerd, Clipchamp’s got you covered. There are several thorough tutorials on how to use these features (and why), guiding you step by step. Also, you can always come back to these videos when you feel as if you’ve missed a step or feel stuck in your editing process. 


InVideo is said to have over 7 million users worldwide and to be #1 Product of the month, ranked by Product Hunt, suggesting that is a go-to video editing tool for many. Chances are, you’ve stumbled upon it yourself since it’s so widespread. 

Now, we understand that those passionate about video editing, mostly professionals, will opt for Adobe Premiere Pro for its sophisticated, advanced possibilities but also for the ease of file sharing and collaboration with others. 

If these are not your priorities, but rather to quickly make an impressive video content that stands in line with the most established brands, InVideo will provide you with all the necessary features, such as: 

  • Over 5,000 professionally created templates so that you can easily drag and drop your videos and hop on the current trend train. It also leaves you with an opportunity to customize these templates to better fit your idea; 
  • Text-to-video tool enables you to generate a script with AI using basic text prompts, or convert your article or blog into a video in minutes; 
  • Better area selection tools, text-to-speech, audio enhancement, and more. 

The best part is, InVideo is now working to release a separate AI video generator called  InVideo AI. It promises to deliver any idea to a professional, smooth, dynamic video content and adjust it accordingly to any platform. It’s the ultimate idea-to-video tool. 

At the moment, you can sign up to a waiting list.  


Now that we’ve mentioned idea-to-video programs, here’s another one: Lumen5 is a choice of many big brands (Siemens, Mitsubishi, etc.) that focus on textual content but are aware that videos are the dominant medium now. 

In other words, they can still do what they know best – to write – but can easily turn their main product to video as well. If you recognize yourself among this group, here’s what you can expect from Lumen5: 


You can automatically turn blog posts into videos or transform zoom recordings into captivating clips.

The program mostly relies on existing templates, divided into categories, suited for each business and style. That said, it’s no wonder that large companies usually opt for this option from all the previously mentioned. 

If you’re skeptical whether Lumen5 suits your needs, you can try it out for free, using your work email. 

Plus, they make special effort into teaching their users how to improve their storytelling so that they can still feel like they’re expressing authentically through their video content. Because, in the end, AI isn’t here to do things instead of you, but to help you do what you already have to – just even better.