Inclusive AI Tool Goes Viral On TikTok

A remarkable innovation has emerged from the minds of Stanford students - AI Glasses named TranscribeGlass that offer real-time speech transcription for the deaf.

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Illustration: Lenka T.

Communication for those with hearing loss relies on methods like sign language, lip reading, and expensive hearing aids. TranscribeGlass, created by a startup founded by Stanford and Yale students, aims to bridge this gap, according to Stanford Daily

CEO and co-founder Madhav Lavakare was driven by a friend’s communication struggles to develop an inclusive solution. Working with co-founder Tom Pritsky, they designed prototypes and collaborated with deaf communities, receiving support from institutions and governments. 

How does TranscribeGlass work?   

TranscribeGlass acts as a bridge between affordable speech-to-text converters and AR-equipped glasses, projecting captions received via Bluetooth. This revolutionary technology not only aids the deaf in conversation but also enhances their engagement in various settings. 

The product’s development underscores its commitment to inclusivity and equal access. This groundbreaking initiative strives to ensure that no one is excluded from meaningful conversations. 

During the development phase, the beta version of TranscribeGlass was made available for $55, with an anticipated final price of $95. The product was meticulously tested by over 300 individuals, ensuring its effectiveness and catering to the unique needs of the community it serves. 

As inclusivity remains the driving force behind this innovation, TranscribeGlass stands as a testament to the determination to make meaningful conversations accessible to all. 

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